End of Support

Veeva CRM does not support the following features, operating systems, or devices as of the indicated dates.

Summary End of Support
Engage Browser Support December 2020
Edge Classic 20R3 Release (December 2020)
IE11 on Lightning 20R3 Release (December 2020)
UIWebView Support 20R2 Release (August 2020)
IE11 Support on Webclient March 25, 2021
Network Subscription Process October 1, 2021
Veeva CRM Tablet Edition June 2021, or if TM2.0 is enabled
Veeva CRM on Windows 8 June 2021, or if TM2.0 is enabled
Veeva CRM on Windows 10 builds prior to 16299 (Fall Creators Update, version 1709) June 2021, or if TM2.0 is enabled
Veeva CRM Versions prior to the 19R3 release June 2021, or if TM2.0 is enabled

MacOS Big Sur (version 11) for Veeva CRM Desktop (Mac) app

23R3.0 Release (December 2023)

CRM for Windows Tablet January 1, 2024

Browser (Classic)

January 1, 2024


December 5, 2024

CoBrowse End of Life 24R3.0

CoBrowse will be discontinued later this year in our 24R3.0 release. The CoBrowse functionality is replaced by Remote CLM and all usage has already transferred to remote CLM.

Ending Support for MacOS Big Sur

As of the 23R3.0 release, the Veeva CRM Desktop app for Mac no longer supports MacOS Big Sur (version 11). Users must upgrade to MacOS Monterey (version 12.3) or newer to continue using the app. See Device and Software Requirements for Mac for more information.

Ending Support for Browser (Classic)

Starting January 1, 2024, Veeva CRM no longer supports the Browser (Classic) platform. We recommend transitioning all orgs to Lightning by this time. The Browser (Classic) and Browser (Lightning) platforms in CRM Help will become the Browser platform. This includes all Classic functionality supported in Lightning as well as Lightning-specific functionality. All Lightning-specific functionality will be listed in a separate topic and indicated as available on Browser in platform pages.

Browser (Classic) pages are still accessible and will continue to be updated with Veeva CRM functionality, unless the Browser (Classic) page is replaced by a Browser (Lightning) page.

Ending Support for Windows Tablet

Starting January 1, 2024, Veeva CRM for Windows Tablet is not supported and will not receive updates or new functionality. This does not affect the CRM Desktop (Windows) platform or online Browser platforms accessed from a Windows device.

Engage Connect App Support

After 24R1, the Engage Connect app does not receive updates or new functionality. The Engage Connect app functionality is replaced by the Engage tab on CRM iPad and iPhone.

Mobile Platform and Software Deprecation

Salesforce requires all customers to migrate to their new Territory Management 2.0 model by June 2021. Because of incompatibility with this new model, the following platforms and software versions are no longer supported once Territory Management 2.0 is enabled:

  • Veeva CRM Tablet Edition
  • Veeva CRM on Windows 8
  • Veeva CRM on Windows 10 builds prior to 16299 (Fall Creators Update, version 1709)
  • All Veeva CRM versions prior to the 19R3 release

Network Subscription Process

In October 2021, the Network Subscription Process in the Process Scheduler was deprecated and replaced by the Network Bridge, a feature within Veeva Network.

UIWebView Support

Veeva CRM exclusively supports the WKWebView rendering engine for CLM content. All CLM content renders using WKWebView.

Apple introduced WKWebView to fix security flaws in UIWebView and to improve performance. However, as a side effect, there may be slight impacts to content rendering that may require content updates. Veeva recommends customers and their content partners test all CLM content.

To review CLM content, use the WKWebView Evaluation App. No configuration is required. Based on feedback from customers who have already completed this process, the vast majority of content renders flawlessly in WKWebView. However, there are rare instances when content updates are required.

Engage Browser Support

Beginning in December 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported for the Veeva Engage Host and CRM Engage Client Apps.

IE11 Support on Webclient

Due to changes in Zoom, as of March 25 2021, IE11 will no longer be supported in Veeva Engage or on the Engage Webclient.