20R2.3 Functionality Guide

The Functionality guide is intended for Sales Operations, Business Administrators, System Integrators, and others responsible for making decisions about what features are needed for end users to be successful, and which features work together with existing customer configurations.

Information includes an overview of each feature, examples, screen shots, and targeted information on how to use each feature. Select the heading link to display the topic which includes configuration instructions, if applicable.

Call Sampling

Improved Barcode Scanning

Users can identify which samples were added through barcode scanning with the Barcode Scan flag. Administrators can run reports on barcode scanning use—for example, how many Call Reports have samples that were added via barcode scanning.

Selecting a Signature Method

If multiple signature methods are available to users requesting signatures from an account, the user can view the Signature Setup page by selecting the Sign button. This applies to both Remote Sampling and Remote Medical Inquiry.

The Signature Setup page enables users to select the appropriate signature method at the same time as other signature options, for example the disclaimer language or the email address for a receipt.

The Signature Setup page is available to users when more than one signature method is available, which includes the following scenarios:

Configuration is not required for this feature.


  • Signature method options display as available or unavailable based on the context of the call and sample type. For example, if the call is not an Engage meeting, or if the sample type is not a BRC, the Remote Meeting option does not display as available.
  • If Face to Face is the only valid signature method when the user selects Sign, the Signature Setup page is skipped and the standard Capturing Signatures page displays instead
  • RMI only requires the feature to be configured and the person to be in an active engage meeting
  • Sampling requires configuration, BRC Only, and an active engage meeting

Using the Signature Setup Page

To use the Signature Setup page:

  1. Select Sign.
  2. Use the Language picklist to select the disclaimer text language. This picklist only displays if Displaying Country-Specific Disclaimers is enabled.
  3. Use the Receipt picklist to select the email address the receipt should be sent to. This picklist only displays if Approved Email Receipts for Signature Transactions are enabled.
  4. Select the appropriate Signature Method. The available methods are:

  5. Select Next.

After selecting Next, the signature capture process proceeds based on the selected Signature Method:


Displaying CLM Presentation Statuses in the CRM Engage App Online

A status label displays above presentation thumbnails so content reviewers can easily identify which presentations are Staged or Approved.

Filtering CLM Presentations in the CRM Engage App Online

When viewing and navigating the CLM media library in the CRM Engage app, users can filter presentations based on configured attributes. This allows users to quickly and easily sort the media library and navigate to the correct presentation.

Using Virtual Backgrounds in Engage

Hosts using the iPad or the CRM Desktop (Windows) app, as well as attendees joining an Engage meeting via the Windows Engage Attendee app, can upload a graphic to serve as a virtual background during a meeting. Virtual backgrounds enhance the meeting experience by enabling hosts and attendees to display an image or video as their background, rather than the natural background of their environment.

Configuration is not required for this feature.


  • This feature can leverage either the device's CPU or GPU. If the device's CPU meets hardware requirements, the client will use the CPU. Otherwise, the GPU is used.
  • If the device's CPU has a suffix of U, the device's GPU is used instead, even if the CPU satisfies hardware requirements
  • On i5/i7 Dual core machines, the GPU is always used
  • On i5 Quad-core machines, the CPU is used unless it has a suffix of U
  • The following CPUs use HD 620 graphics and are not supported by this feature:
  • Core i7-7500U
  • Core i7-7600U
  • Core i5-7200U
  • Core i5-7300U

Adding a Virtual Background During an Engage Meeting

To add a virtual background:

  1. Enter the Engage meeting.
  2. Select the More menu next to the Start/Stop Video button.

  3. Select Choose Virtual Background.
  4. Select the + button.
  5. Select the appropriate image to use as a virtual background.
  6. Close the More window to return to the meeting.

Network Integration

Network Account Search

Several improvements were made to Network Account Search.

  • Entering names or identifiers, for example, NPI, SLN, or VID, in the general search box now returns more relevant results
  • Users can refine search results by entering both an account name in the Search Terms field and an address in the Location field in the Search modal
  • The Location field now searches only on the Address object. For example, US users who enter Boston, MA in the Location receive results of accounts with an address in Boston, MA.