Capturing Remote Signatures for a Medical Inquiry in Engage Meeting

  • CRM Desktop (Windows)
  • iPad

Customers can capture an HCP's signature before submitting a Medical Inquiry even though the transaction is remote. Requiring an HCP to review and acknowledge the Medical Inquiry content can reduce or eliminate inaccurate requests.

Considerations for Capturing Signature from a Remote Medical Inquiry

  • HCPs are able to receive signature requests on Web Client, iPad, iPhone, and Android HCP apps
  • Attendees joining via the Web Client must use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge Chromium

Configuring Signatures for Remote Medical Inquiries


The following must be enabled to use this feature:

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant admins the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS
    Medical_Inquiry_Audit_vod CREn/a
    • Signature_Captured_Remotely_vod
    • Remote_Signature_Attendee_Name_vod
  2. Grant users the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS
    Medical_Inquiry_vod CREn/a
    • Signature_Captured_Remotely_vod
    • Remote_Signature_Attendee_Name_vod

Capturing a Signature for a Remote Medical Inquiry

To capture a remote signature, users (hosts) must do the following:

  1. Schedule and Start an Engage Meeting on iPad or from the CRM Desktop (Windows) app, if High Performance Call Report is enabled.
  2. Select Create Medical Inquiry from the More Actions menu.
  3. Complete the Medical Inquiry information.
  4. Select the More Actions button from the Medical Inquiry.
  5. Select Sign.

  6. Use the Language picklist to select the disclaimer text language. This picklist only displays if Displaying Country-Specific Disclaimers is enabled.

  7. Use the Receipt picklist to select the email address the receipt should be sent to (iPad only). This picklist only displays if Approved Email Receipts for Signature Transactions are enabled.

  8. Select Remote as the Signature Method.

  9. Select Next.
  10. Select the appropriate attendee's device if multiple attendees joined using the same Engage meeting ID as the Account. If there is only one device, the list does not display. The signature request is sent to the signee’s device.

    A "Signature Request Failed" error message displays if an unsupported browser is used.

To capture a signature, HCPs must do the following after the signature page launches:

  1. Review the Medical Inquiry information captured.
  2. Select Request Receipt if an email receipt is desired.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Sign in the Signature box.
  5. Select Accept. The Signature page is locked, all fields are stamped in the audit trail, and the signature is sent to the meeting host for review.

Once the HCP signs and accepts the signature, a confirmation message displays to the meeting host indicating receipt of the HCP’s signature. When the host selects Accept they are returned to the Call Report.

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