Using Virtual Backgrounds in Engage

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad

Hosts using the iPad or the CRM Desktop (Windows) app, as well as attendees joining an Engage meeting via the Windows Engage Attendee app, can upload a graphic to serve as a virtual background during a meeting. Virtual backgrounds enhance the meeting experience by enabling hosts and attendees to display an image or video as their background, rather than the natural background of their environment.

Configuration is not required for this feature.



  • Hosts on the iPad cannot select videos for a virtual background
  • Hosts must be using one of the following supported iPad devices:
  • 5th Generation 9.7 inch iPad
  • 6th Generation 9.7 inch iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • 7th Generation and higher 10.2 inch iPad


  • This feature can leverage either the device's CPU or GPU. If the device's CPU meets hardware requirements, the client will use the CPU. Otherwise, the GPU is used.
  • If the device's CPU has a suffix of U, the device's GPU is used instead, even if the CPU satisfies hardware requirements
  • On i5/i7 Dual core machines, the GPU is always used
  • On i5 Quad-core machines, the CPU is used unless it has a suffix of U
  • The following CPUs use HD 620 graphics and are not supported by this feature:
  • Core i7-7500U
  • Core i7-7600U
  • Core i5-7200U
  • Core i5-7300U

Adding a Virtual Background on the iPad

To add a virtual background from within an Engage meeting:

  1. Select the More button.
  2. Select Virtual Background.

  3. Select the appropriate virtual background.

  4. Select the X button to return to the Engage meeting with the selected virtual background applied.

If the user has a physical green screen set up, they can improve the accuracy of the virtual background using the following additional process:

  1. Select the More Actions button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the Green Screen option.
  3. Select the physical green screen on the screen to set the correct color.

Uploading Custom Images as Virtual Backgrounds on the iPad

In addition to a selection of default virtual backgrounds, hosts can also select a custom image to upload as a virtual background. Custom images added as virtual backgrounds remain available for selection in further Engage meetings.

To upload a custom image:

  1. Select the + button from the Virtual Background selection page.

  2. Select the appropriate photo in the device’s library to display a preview of the virtual background.

    If they have not done so already, users can grant CRM permission to access their device’s photo library from the iOS settings for Veeva CRM. If permission is not granted, users are prompted to select individual photos or albums to grant access to. The selected photos or albums can then be previewed as virtual backgrounds.

  3. Select Use Photo to apply the virtual background.

Adding a Virtual Background Online

To add a virtual background:

  1. Enter the Engage meeting.
  2. Select the More menu next to the Start/Stop Video button.

  3. Select Choose Virtual Background.
  4. Select the + button.
  5. Select the appropriate image to use as a virtual background.
  6. Close the More window to return to the meeting.