Introduction to Veeva CRM 18R2

Many new features can be enabled with Veeva CRM 18R2. This document provides a brief explanation of each new feature and updates to existing features.

Veeva CRM 18R2 brings major improvements across the full suite of applications, providing enhancements to optimize user experience and maximize productivity.


Detailed instructions for settings required to fully enable these, as well as all the new features in Veeva CRM 18R2, can be found by following the links in New in Veeva CRM 18R2 topic.

  • Veeva CRM Sunrise – Provides the same functionality in a more intuitive, user-friendly design
  • New CLM Features – Includes new features like Favorites, Recents, and Table View to help users find content faster
  • My Schedule Maps – Enables users to efficiently plan their day by plotting their schedule on a map with nearby Accounts
  • Veeva CRM on iPhone - Provides users the power of Veeva CRM at their fingertips
  • Push Notifications – Alerts users with immediate notifications about important information from which they can take action.
  • Advanced Coaching Report Rep Comment – Gives users the opportunity to provide a comment when reviewing their coaching report

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features are delivered disabled by default; however users are able to view the following features immediately:

Approved Email

  • The data types of the following fields on the Approved_Document_vod object are updated:
  • Email_Subject_vod - is now Long Text Area (1500)
  • Territory_vod - is now Text (255)
  • If a Sent_Email_vod record is not successfully sent after 14 days, the Status_vod field updates to Failed_vod and no longer tries resending. Records of the Email_Receipt_vod record type send indefinitely until they are successfully sent.

Call Reporting Sampling

  • The Duration_vod field on the Call2_vod object now copies to all child calls when Unique Activities is enabled


  • Views in the CLM Media Library, for example, CLM Presentations, My Presentations, and Training Presentations, remain sticky until the CLM session ends
  • When beginning a session through the Media tab, if a non-training presentation is launched, users cannot launch a training presentation until the CLM session ends. All other content can be launched.
  • The Favorites tab displays a list of presentations the user indicated was a favorite
  • The Recents tab displays a list of the most recently viewed presentations
  • Columns defined in the CLM Presentation Grouping Veeva Message display as separate, sortable columns in the Table view


  • The iOS and Android HCP Engage apps now supports all Veeva supported languages. See Supported Languages for a complete list.
  • The limit of attendees on an Engage meeting has been increased to 25

Events Management

  • The EM_Event_Team_Member_vod Visualforce page now labels the last user who modified the record as Last Modified By
  • The first and last names of all EM_Attendee_vod record types now stamp to the EM_Event_vod record


  • Veeva CRM has a new application icon
  • - CRM
  • - Medical
  • Both the Sync and Veeva Update widgets display by default on the iPad home page. These are not configurable.

Scheduling and Planning

  • Online and Windows Tablet users can now view additional historical data and planned activity on the Timeline View. Three months of additional data loads at a time.
  • Call colors have been updated in My Schedule. Planned and saved calls in the past are now the same color.

What's New in Veeva CRM 18R2

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation.

Core CRM

Events Management





Events Management

Displaying Time Zones

Time zones now display with event times on the Windows Tablet platform. See Displaying Times Zones for more information.

New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva CRM Version 18R2. The fields are organized by object. Visibility to all fields is disabled by default to all users except administrators. See the Veeva Data Model information for a full listing of Veeva objects.


Field Name

Field Label

Field Description



Call2_vod__c Ship_To_Address_Text_vod__c Ship To Address The Ship to Address Formula field corresponds to a formatted version of the Ship to Address fields. This value is leveraged in the case that the referenced Ship to Address has been deleted. This field should not be added to a Page Layout. Formula  
Clm_Presentation_vod__c Control_Visibility_vod__c Control Visibility If Product is selected, then Detail Group field is ignored when determining CLM content visibility. If Detail Group is selected, then Product field is ignored when determining CLM content visibility. Picklist  
EM_Event_Rule_vod__c Search_Outside_Territory_Filter_vod__c Search Outside My Territory Additional Filter for Search Outside Territory Checkbox  
EM_Event_Rule_vod__c Search_Outside_Territory_Record_Type_vod__c Search Outside Territory Record Types Semicolon separated list of Account Record Types to be included in the result list for Search Outside Territory LongTextArea  
Order_vod__c zvod_Free_Good_Splitting_vod__c zvod_Free_Good_Splitting_vod__c marker field to allow users to manually allocate Free Goods per Delivery during order splitting Checkbox  
Suggestion_vod__c Priority_vod__c Priority Determines the priority of the Suggestion Picklist  
Survey_Target_vod__c Employee_Comment_vod__c Employee Comment Stores the Employee Comment response. Long Text Area  
Survey_Target_vod__c Enable_Employee_Comment_vod__c Enable Employee Comment Copied from Survey_vod when Survey Target header is created. Picklist  
Survey_vod__c Enable_Employee_Comment_vod__c Enable Employee Comment Admins use this picklist when designing an Advanced Coaching Report to select whether Employees should be able to comment on an Advanced Coaching Report, and if yes, is the Employee Comment required. Picklist  
Territory_Settings_vod__c Align_Integration_User_vod__c Align Integration User The Align Integration User that is integrated to this Veeva CRM Org. Text  
Territory_Settings_vod__c Align_Server_vod__c Align Server The Align Server URL that is integrated to this Veeva CRM Org. Text  
Territory_Settings_vod__c Align_Version_vod__c Align Version The Align Version that is integrated to this Veeva CRM Org. Text  
VMobile_Object_Configuration_vod__c Device_vod__c Device This determines the Client Device. A blank value is interpreted as Tablet_vod. Picklist  
Veeva_Settings_vod__c CONTENT_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT_TEMPLATE_vod__c Content Acknowledgement Template The format of the generated Content Acknowledgment receipt can be configured by modifying the HTML text contained within this setting. Text  

Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





Online CRM - 143223 User wasn't required to enter a value for the Sample Card Reason field. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 143593 The Ship To Location field label displayed as Ship Location. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 144712 An error occurred on the Call Signature page if the user did not have access to the Lot number field. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 145130 The State Distributor # displayed on the Signature page. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 145132 After calls were submitted, the sync widget displayed as having Pending Changes. Sync
iPad CRM - 148609 An error occurred when submitting with Sample Inventory. Sample Management