Medical CRM Overview

Medical teams have unique needs for managing customer relationships. Veeva Medical CRM is designed specifically for field medical users (Medical Science Liaisons, or MSLs) to help them get the most out of managing relationships with their key stakeholders. The Medical CRM uses the same source data, including shared objects and fields, as the Commercial CRM, but with a user interface designed specifically for medical users.

For example, the terminology an MSL uses is not the same as the terminology a Commercial Sales Rep uses. What a Commercial Sales Rep might call an Account, an MSL would refer to as a Stakeholder. Commercial Sales reps also interact with their Accounts differently than MSLs interact with their Stakeholders. For a Commercial Sales rep, it is important to efficiently input and update key data points about the Account. For an MSL, it is important to be able to consume large amounts of data and information about their Stakeholder. It is also important for MSLs and other Medical team users to have visibility into the interactions the Commercial CRM users have with their key accounts (stakeholders).

Key features of the Medical CRM include:

  • Customizable terminology
  • Research-driven Key Opinion Leader (KOL) profiles
  • Extended data model to support comprehensive KOL profiling
  • Shared data with Veeva CRM

Some terms are pre-translated with industry standard Medical terminology by default. For example, “Account” is labeled “Stakeholder” and “Call” is labeled “Interaction.” Additional terminology can be customized as needed. See Medical CRM Translations for more information.

The Medical CRM icon is supported on iOS 10.3 and higher, and is shown here: