Medical CRM Translations

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Translations can impact commonly used objects, for example, Call and Account. In addition to the Medical terms pre-translated by default, the following items are supported for translation:

  • Object_vod
  • Button or Link
  • Custom Field
  • Layout Section
  • Picklist Value
  • Record Type
  • Veeva Message

The Validation Formula (Validation Error Message) is not supported for translation.

Configuring Medical CRM Translations

  1. Place the Is_Medical_vod check box on the appropriate Application_Label_vod object page layout.
  2. Create a tab for the Application_Label_vod object.
  3. Activate the Application_Label_vod VMOC for the appropriate user profile.

Using Medical CRM Translations

A single data object, Application_Label_vod, contains the translations and relabeling object required to make querying and data loading simple. Customized labels can be applied in offline app for special user categories, such as Medical users. Record types are used to distinguish the various components being relabeled and which fields are applicable to those components. These correspond to the component elements in the Translation Workbench plus objects, which are handled in a different part of Setup, as well as Veeva Messages, which are handled outside of setup.

To add a label translation, open the Application Label tab and select New.

For record types covered by the Translation Workbench, the record-type names are copied from the export file generated from the Translation Workbench. The "_vod" extension is applied only for types that do not correspond to a standard Salesforce translation component.

The following example outlines a Call Translation.

Field names for CustomField or PicklistValue record types should not include __c.

Application Label Name Record Type Name Object API Name Field or Layout Name Component Name Label
Call Object_vod Call2_vod__c n/a Label Interaction
Plural for Call Object_vod Call2_vod__c n/a LabelPlural Interactions
Name (and any other simple fields) CustomField Call2_vod__c Name FieldLabel Interaction Record
Call Related List in Medical Event CustomField Call2_vod__c Medical_Event_vod RelatedListLabel Event Interactions
Call Lookup in Medical Inquiry CustomField Medical_Inquiry_vod__c Call2_vod FieldLabel Source Interaction
Call Notes Layout Section on Call LayoutSection Call2_vod__c n/a Call Notes Notes


  • If an object is relabeled, the meta data relabeling logic uses that object label for all lookups from other objects to the relabeled object
  • If a lookup field on a relabeled object does not have a specified field entry, it defaults the Relationship Name to the Plural Label for the object
  • Some offline component translations are controlled by Veeva Messages