Engage Connect Default Functionality for CRM Users

The following functionality is automatically available to CRM users using Engage Connect:

  • Signing into Engage Connect – After downloading the app, CRM users sign into the Engage Connect app with their CRM credentials
  • Using the Chat Tab – Chat allows a user to have two way messaging with a connected HCP, or with another user within the same company
  • Using the Connections Tab – The Connections tab displays all of a user’s connections, enabling users to chat with or request a meeting with a connected HCP
  • Using the Connect Tab – The Connect tab is the primary method of inviting HCP to connect with users
  • Using the Notifications Tab – The Notifications tab displays notifications that highlight activities involving the user
  • Using the Me Tab – Users can view and edit their profile information from the Me tab, as well as view all brands they are assigned to
  • Sending Meeting Invites to an HCP – Users can request a meeting with an HCP either from their profile or from within the Chat tab