Signing into Engage Connect

After downloading the app, CRM users sign into the Engage app with their CRM credentials. When a user signs in for the first time, the following actions occur:

  • The user’s profile is automatically created as a digital business card. Functionality is controlled based on their associated Engage Connect group. See Managing Digital Business Cards for more information.

    Users not associated with an Engage Connect group can only view their connections, invite HCPs to connect, and request scheduled time with a connected HCP.

  • A modal displays requesting the user to enable Push Notifications for the app. It is recommended that all Engage Connect users enable push notifications for Engage Connect so that they may be informed whenever they receive a new chat message or accepted meeting invite from an HCP.
  • The This is a public or shared computer check box displays on the Verify Your Email screen and is not selected by default. If a user using a private computer does not select the check box, they remain signed in until manually signing out. If a user on a public or shared computer selects the check box, they are automatically signed out after two hours of inactivity.

Users can access the following tabs after signing in: