Creating Approved Email Content

Content creators have access to a wide variety of tools and functionality they can use to create and optimize Approved Email content:

General Content Creation

Using Tokens in Approved Email Content

Adding Unsubscribe Options to Approved Email Content

  • Embedding the Unsubscribe Page – In conjunction with the above feature, content creators can embed the Veeva-provided unsubscribe pages in an externally hosted site, granting greater control over the viewer experience
  • Adding and Customizing Unsubscribe Links – Certain markets may have anti-spam regulations necessitating the need for recipients to unsubscribe from future communications. This feature enables content creators to add these links to be compliant in these markets.
  • Unsubscribe by Content Type – Content creators can alter the unsubscribe link to enable recipients to unsubscribe and edit their preferences for content types rather than product
  • Displaying Products on the Unsubscribe Page – Content creators can customize the way, number, and manner that products display on the Unsubscribe page, helping recipients decide which products to unsubscribe from
  • One-Click Unsubscribe – Email recipients can unsubscribe from future emails with the same content type or product with one click, without leaving their email application