Approved Email provides a built-in email unsubscribe solution that respects recipient preferences and complies with anti-spam regulations present in some markets. These unsubscribe pages are automatically available to any recipient of an Approved Email.

Links are automatically generated and included in Approved Emails when the {{unsubscribe_product_link}} token is included in a template of a sent email.

Optionally, content creators can customize the provided pages to better control branding, translation, and wording of the unsubscribe page. To customize the default text, edit the appropriate Approved Email-category Veeva Message.




Used to hold the cancel confirmation HTML document displayed to the end user should the cancel button be clicked.


Used to house the HTML document displayed to the Approved Email recipient when the Unsubscribe link is clicked.

Admins must update the CSS styling for the input class to include color: black; in order to display correctly on certain devices.


Used to house the HTML document displayed to the Approved Email recipient as a confirmation for the successfully executed Unsubscribe action.


Used to house the modify options confirmation HTML document displayed to the end user during the unsubscribe process

*In the HTML, dd class="detailProduct" and the dt class="productGroup", supports CSS styling for the content inside the {{productModList}} tag.

Controlling the Language of Default Unsubscribe Pages

By default, templates for the Unsubscribe pages are supplied in all of Veeva CRM's supported languages. Unsubscribe pages display according to the recipient's preferred language. If the language of the account is null, the Unsubscribe page displays according the user's preferred language. If no Veeva Message for the user’s language is defined, the Unsubscribe page displays in English.

Customizing the Unsubscribe Pages

The HTML for the three pages (Unsubscribe Landing page, Confirmation, and Cancellation page) are stored in the following Veeva Messages:


The HTML for these pages can be completely customized by content creators, though all CSS styles must be inline.

Images must be hosted on your own servers when referenced inside the HTML.

Customers who have accounts with different preferred languages can translate the HTML code accordingly and store it in the Veeva Messages for those respective languages.

For example, Verteo has some Accounts that have preferred language set to Spanish and others as French. The Admin can modify the landing pages for each language and then store it in the UNSUBSCRIBE_OPTION_HTML Veeva message for both languages. When the recipient selects the unsubscribe link, the page corresponding to the preferred language displays.

The default unsubscribe landing page contains the following actions:

  • Simple Unsubscribe – When the recipient selects the Submit button in the first section of the unsubscribe landing page, an opt-out record is created in Veeva CRM for that account’s email address for the particular product for which email was sent
  • Modify Email Preferences – Enables the recipient to modify their preferences for the current product and other products. When the recipient selects the Submit button in the second section, opt-ins are created for all the selected products and product groups and opt outs are created for all not selected. If nothing is selected, opt outs for all products are created.
  • If the Cancel button is clicked, there is no change in the consent record for any products

When customizing the Veeva Messages controlling these pages, ensure the following Unsubscribe Tokens are included as they drive functionality.

Unsubscribe Tokens

The following table describes the fragment tokens associated with the Unsubscribe Process:



Rendered Format



Renders as an unsubscribe button that is used as the action of an HTML form data for a simple unsubscribe.



Displays the email address associated with the unsubscribe request.



Displays the Detail Product or Detail Group associated with the unsubscribe request.



Displays a selection menu with all Detail Products and Detail Groups with Approved Document records in Veeva CRM. Recipients can select which products or groups to unsubscribe from.

Detail Products and Detail Groups restricted to the recipient do not display in this list.



Enables recipients to modify their preferences. Used as the action attribute in the associated HTML form data.



Creates a Cancel button. When recipients select this button, no information is saved and the Cancel Confirmation page displays.


{{unsubscribeAll}} Enables email recipients to unsubscribe from all Approved Email communications. This enables compliance in certain markets that require this option. Check box