Unsubscribe by Content Type

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  • Browser

Content creators can alter the unsubscribe link to enable recipients to unsubscribe and edit their preferences for content types rather than product.

Configuring Unsubscribe by Content Type

To enable this feature: 

  1. Grant integration users FLS edit permission to the Consent_Level_vod field on the Unsubscribe_vod object, and the Content_Type_Display_Name_vod field on the Unsubscribe_Products_vod object.
  2. Place the Consent_Level_vod field on the appropriate Unsubscribe_vod object page layouts.
  3. Create an Unsubscribe record with the following values:

    • Record Type = Approved_Email_Unsubscribe_vod
    • Consent_Level_vod = Content_Type_vod
    • Unsubscribe_Identifier_vod = a unique value
  4. Create one or more Unsubscribe_Products_vod records with the following parameters. This step is optional.

If Unsubscribe_Products_vod records are not created, the entire list of content types with Approved_Document_vod records displays.