Labeling Links in Approved Email

When a recipient of an Approved Email selects a link within the email, that activity is tracked. Depending on the level of complexity of the link, this activity may be difficult to identify by users viewing Approved Email activity. To make these links more easily identifiable, content creators can label links within templates and fragments, making it easier to analyze link activity in Approved Email.

To add a label to a link within a template or fragment, append the LinkName parameter to the link URL. This parameter is parsed out of the email when sent and does not display to recipients.

For example, the content creator adds the following link to an Approved Email fragment:

<a href="" target="_blank">Click Here!</a>

When Dr. Clinton Ackerman receives an email containing this fragment, the link renders to him as

Click Here!

When he selects the link, email activity is tracked and associates with an Email_Activity_vod record with the following field values:

  • Link_Name_vod - MyLinkName
  • Click_URL_vod -

When generating links from a token, for example using the {{approvedEmailAction}} token, the format is:

<a href="{{Approved Email Token}}&LinkName=MyLinkName" target="_blank"></a>