Inserting Queried Data into an Approved Email

Content creators can use the {{customContent}} token to query information from CRM and add that information to content, greatly enhancing flexibility when adding information to content.

The token uses a SOQL-like querying language and can reference any supported merge token field from the following CRM objects using the {{ObjectAPIName.FieldAPIName}} format:

  • Account
  • Address_vod
  • Approved_Document_vod (only supported in email templates and template fragments)

The token uses the general format:


Where QUERY is replaced by a SOQL-like query using the = operator.

For example:

{{customContent[SELECT My_Field__c FROM My_Object__c where Zip__c = '{{Address_vod__c.Zip_vod__c}}' and Product__c = 'Cholecap']}}

The returned value is stored in the Email_Config_Values_vod field on the Sent_Email_vod object. If multiple results are returned, the first result is stored.

The token is case-sensitive, and should not contain extra spaces.

Ensure end users have at least FLS read permission to all fields referenced by this token.

Addresses marked as Primary Addresses always return first if they match the query.

Marking the Custom Content Token as Required

The custom content token can be marked as required by adding :Required after the query:


The {{customContent:Required}} token is not supported on the Browser platform

Emails cannot be sent if a required token returns NULL.