Tracking Approved Email Activity Using Tokens

Content creators can add Approved Email content tokens to a URL. This enables easier tracking of email activity associated with that link as each link is customized based on the inserted values of the token.

For example, Sarah Jones sends Dr. Clinton Ackerman an email containing the following link:

<a href="{{Account.Name}}>Click Here!</a>

When Dr. Ackerman receives the email, he selects the link and is directed to the following webpage: Ackerman

The Approved Email admin can easily see which account selected the link, since Dr. Ackerman's name is incorporated in the URL.

Any Account or User field supported as a merge token can be added to the end of a URL. Added tokens are supported both for manually defined links as well as links generated from other tokens, for example the {{$VaultID}} token.

Ensure end users have FLS read permission to all fields referenced by these tokens.