Default Functionality for Approved Email

The following functionality is automatically available to users after initially configuring Approved Email:

Sending Approved Emails

  • Composing Approved Emails – A variety of techniques are available to end users to assist in locating content to add to an Approved Email
  • Favorite Email Templates and Fragments – Users can select their favorite templates and fragments so they can find them quickly when composing an Approved Email
  • Managing Approved Email Recipients – When composing an Approved Email, end users can add, edit, and delete email addresses
  • Approved Email Entry Points – There are multiple entry points for Approved Email. Some of these entry points are enabled by default, some require module-specific configuration.
  • Bounced Email Management – Users are alerted when an email address is associated with a bounce event. The user can then verify and update the address.
  • Email Tab – Users can access sent, scheduled, and draft emails
  • Sending Approved Emails for Cases – After the Medical team creates a case in response to an HCP inquiry, users can send an Approved Email directly from the case

Reporting in Approved Email

Consent in Approved Email

Consent for Approved Email can be captured via two methods: