Using Account Wizards

  • iPad
  • Browser

Account Wizards guide users through the process of creating a new account record.

Veeva CRM offers the following Account Wizards:

Use the New Record Type Wizard instead of the New Professional Wizard, which is no longer supported.

For example, Sarah Jones’s account Dr. Clinton Ackerman introduced her to a new doctor, Marilyn Adams. Sarah gathered Dr. Adams’s details and entered them into the CRM system using the New Account Wizard. Because she could quickly enter the account details, she is able to sample to Dr. Ackerman.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

When populating lookup fields in the Lightning Experience, the standard + option to create records displays in the drop-down list of suggested options. Using this option bypasses Veeva-defined logic and the records created do not inherit necessary field values. See Configurable Lookup Filters and Layouts for more information about lookups with Veeva-defined logic.

The New Account Wizard does not support default values for text fields.

The following topics provide you with information to help you understand and configure My Accounts.


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