Duplicate Record Checking in Account Wizards

  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)
  • Windows Tablet

When a user creates an account, a Soundex search is performed against existing account records to identify any potential matches prior to the creation of the new account. Person accounts are matched on first name and last name, while business accounts are matched on account name. Duplicate checking is limited to the Basic Latin Alphabet (letters A to Z). Special characters, for example tildes, accents, and umlauts, are not currently supported.

For example, Sarah Jones is creating an account for a new contact, Dr. Clinton Ackerman. During duplicate record checking, an account for Dr. C. Ackerman is found, and a warning message displays to let Sarah know an account exists.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

During the duplicate checking process the following occurs:

  • If no duplicates are found during the Soundex search, the new account is created
  • If a duplicate account is identified, warning messages display at the bottom of the page noting that potential duplicate accounts exist
  • Saving the new account record is temporarily canceled and the potential duplicate accounts are listed
  • Users can select save a second time to ignore the warning and save the new account

When using the Parent Account Wizard or New Record Type Wizard and an affiliation is being created as part of the new account creation, the relationship between the accounts is also evaluated as part of the duplicate record validation. The selected role, account name (from account), and parent account name (to account) make up the unique key used in this validation.