Previewing an Account During Creation

  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)
  • Windows Tablet

Users can preview all account information, including optional fields, when creating an account using the Parent Account Wizard or the New Account Wizard. Users can enter required and non-required field values before saving the Account, allowing them to create Accounts more efficiently.


Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To use this feature, enable the Account Preview During Creation Veeva Setting with a value of 1.

If Data Change Request is enabled with Network in decoupled mode, enable the Account_Preview_During_Creation_vod Network Settings with a value of 1.


The complete Account Information page now displays after the first page (the Account Edit page) in the New Account Wizard and Parent Account Wizard. The Save button on the Account Edit page is replaced with Continue. Continue leads to the full Account Information screen, where users can edit all non-required fields relevant to an account.