Using Custom Account Record Types with the New Record Type Wizard

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  • Windows Tablet

The New Record Type Wizard creates an account of a specific record type using custom buttons on the Account Detail screen. Similar to the Parent Account Wizard, a user can create an account and copy one or several addresses to the new account from a list of the active addresses for the initiating account record. As part of the account creation process, a parent-child relationship and affiliation are established between the selected accounts.

For example, Amy Adams needs to create a call for Dr. Ackerman, who works at Newton Memorial Hospital, but he does not have an account. To create an account for Dr. Ackerman, she selects the New Professional button on the Newton Memorial Hospital account page to create the account for Dr Ackerman using the Professional record type. This ensures that all information that is required for the record type is captured during the process.

Using Custom Account Record Types with the New Record Type Wizard

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To configure the New Record Type Wizard for creating accounts with custom account record types: 

  1. Clone the New_Any_vod S-Control.

  2. Change the queryparam string in the S-Control’s HTML body to replace actype=Any_vod with actype=<<Record Type Label of custom account record type>>. For example actype=Mental_Institution

  3. Create a button on the Account object.

  4. Set the API name of the button to the developer name of the desired record type appended with _New. The name cannot include spaces. For example, Mental_Institution_New.

    The _New suffix must have a capital N. Otherwise, the button does not work.

  5. Select the S-Control you created in step 1 as the Content Source for the new button.

  6. Place the button on the appropriate Account page layouts.

  7. Grant the user profile access to the custom Account record type.

    The Label and Name values on the record type should match, and there should be no spaces in the value. The Translation Workbench can be used to display a different label in the UI if needed.

    Veeva CRM Lightning Ready does not support S-controls. Admins for Lightning Ready orgs should instead configure the NewAccountWithRecordTypeLgtnVod Visualforce page.