Auto-Creating Affiliations in Account Wizards

When the Role_vod field on the Affiliation_vod object populates as part of creating a new account record using the Parent Account Wizard or New Record Type Wizard, an affiliation record is created between the selected parent account and new account. This field always displays as required if a user has Create permission for the Affiliations_vod object.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

All affiliation types available to the user display in the picklist. The default values displayed are the following:

  • Practice member for person accounts
  • Affiliated with for business accounts

If the Veeva company-defined default values are not accessible by the user, the first available value to the user in the Role_vod picklist displays.

When saving the new account, the affiliation is created between the new account and the primary parent or initiating account with the selected Role_vod value. Conversely, the relationship is also created on the parent or initiating account record. The Influence_vod field on the Affiliation_vod object is set to No Influence by default.

If your business process does not currently use account affiliations or does not want affiliations created automatically between accounts, this behavior can be disabled with the Parent Account Wizard or New Record Type Wizard by enabling the Disable_Affiliation_Autocreate_vod Veeva Setting. When this setting is selected, the Role_vod picklist does not display in the Account Wizard page layout, and therefore an affiliation is not established between the accounts.