Account Hierarchy in Account Wizards

When creating an account using the Parent Account Wizard or New Record Type Wizard, a child account record is created if the user has the appropriate permissions. If the appropriate permissions are not configured, the parent-child account relationship is not established, but the new account saves successfully.

For example, Amy Adams wants all new accounts Sarah Jones creates to have an automatic parent-child relationship. She enables this feature, and when Sarah Jones creates accounts using the Parent Account or New Record Type Wizards, child accounts are created automatically.

Configuring Account Hierarchy in Account Wizards

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To enable the parent account address copy for the Parent Account Wizard:

  1. Select the ENABLE_PARENT_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS_COPY_vod Veeva Setting check box.
  2. Select the DISABLE_HIERARCHY_AUTOCREATE_vod Veeva Setting check box.

Using Account Hierarchy in Account Wizards

The Primary_Parent_vod field on the new child account populates with the selected parent or initiating account. This account also displays in the Member related list for the new child account as the primary account. Only the primary account association is created via the Parent Account Wizard or New Record Type Wizard. Additional account relationships can be established after successfully saving the new account.

If your business process does not currently use an Account Hierarchy or does not want a parent-child relationship created automatically between accounts, this behavior can be disabled in the Parent Account Wizard or New Record Type Wizard by enabling the DISABLE_HIERARCHY_AUTOCREATE_vod Veeva Setting. When this setting is selected, a parent-child relationship and corresponding child account record is not established between the accounts.