21R2.3 Functionality Guide

The Functionality Guide is intended for Sales Operations, Business Administrators, System Integrators, and others responsible for making decisions about what features are needed for end users to be successful and deciding which features work together with existing customer configurations.

Information includes an overview of each feature, examples, screen shots, and targeted information on how to use each feature. Select the heading link to display the topic which includes configuration instructions, if applicable.

Engage Meeting

Gallery View on the Web Client

Engage attendees using the Web Client can view all of the meeting’s attendees at once using Gallery View. This enables greater engagement in meetings with larger numbers of attendees.

This feature does not require configuration.


  • Gallery View is only supported on the Web Client when using the following browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Edge Chromium
  • Gallery View is not available when content, or the splash screen is being shared

Using Gallery View

To use Gallery View as an attendee using the Web Client:

  1. Select the View button in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Select Gallery View.

Engage Meeting

HCP Signature Page Display Name for Remote Sampling

Online users are now able to view HCP Signature Page Display Names when they capture an HCP signature for remote sampling. When users accept a signature, the value in the Signature_Page_Display_Name_vod field is stamped on the call record, sample order transaction record, and sample order transaction audit record.

Call Reporting

Restricting Call Channels

To ensure users are only presented with compliant call channel options, admins can choose to disable the Email, Chat or Text, and/or Other call channels so they are not available for selection on the call report.

For example, Verteo BioPharma’s users are not allowed to use Chat or Text to interact with HCPs. Alice Adams, an admin, specifies the Chat or Text option as a restricted call channel. When Sarah Jones creates a call report and selects a call channel, she cannot select Chat or Text. Instead, she selects the Phone option and plans her phone call to Dr. Ackerman.


  • This feature restricts call channel options when the REQUIRE_CALL_CHANNEL_vod Veeva Setting is enabled. See Selecting a Call Channel for more information on the feature and new UI.


Using Restrictions on Call Channel Options

Users cannot select restricted call channel options, which are displayed in gray, from any call channel entry point or from the Channel selector on the call report.


Launching PowerPoint Presentations from CRM Desktop

To launch a presentation from Veeva CRM on Desktop in PowerPoint:

  1. Launch Veeva CRM on Desktop.
  2. Download the appropriate PowerPoint presentation. When a PowerPoint presentation is available on a user’s device, it displays in the media library with a PowerPoint logo on the presentation thumbnail.
  3. Select the presentation.
  4. Select Open.

Users can launch multiple presentations in PowerPoint at once.

Improving Search Results for CLM on CRM Desktop

To improve the search results in the online media library, search terms are searched against the following fields:

  • CLM_Presentation_vod object
    • Description_vod
    • Keywords_vod
    • Name
    • Product_vod
  • Key_Message_vod object
    • Description_vod
    • Keywords_vod
    • Name

Results are sorted to display exact matches to the search terms first, then results containing all the search terms (AND), and finally results containing any of the search terms (OR). Only presentation names and thumbnails display in the search results. Descriptions and keywords do not display and search terms are not highlighted.

For example, Larry Lakes wants to find a specific presentation named Cholecap Trials with the keyword Efficiency. In the search bar in the media library, Larry enters Cholecap Trials Efficiency as the search term. The search results display all the presentations with the terms Cholecap, Trials, or Efficiency, with the correct Cholecap Trials presentation as the first result.

MyInsights Studio

Managing Platform Visibility for MyInsights Pages (Available November 4, 2021)

When deploying a MyInsights page, users can select the platforms (Lightning, Large Mobile Devices, Phones) for the page before deploying to Veeva CRM, allowing them to quickly and easily manage the visibility of MyInsights content by platform. Content deployed for Lightning is automatically published in Veeva CRM. Users must have FLS Edit permission to the Platform_vod field on the HTML_Report_vod object.