Deploying MyInsights Pages to Veeva CRM

Users can deploy MyInsights pages to their orgs to test how the pages display or to make the pages available for end users. Admins can control which users are able to deploy MyInsights pages.

Studio page templates can only be deployed to your sandbox org. Best practice involves only using Studio page templates as your starting point.

Enabling Users for Deployment

To enable users for deployment:

  1. Grant deployment user profiles the following permissions:



    Record Types





    Each record type corresponds to an entry point. Grant access to the record types for the appropriate entry points to which the user can deploy MyInsights Studio pages. See Components of MyInsights for more information.

    • Account_Plan_vod
    • Account_Profile_Override_vod
    • Account_Reports_vod
    • Call2_vod

    • Inventory_Monitoring_vod
    • KOL_Profile_vod
    • Orders_vod
    • Remote_Meeting_vod
    • Territory_Insights_vod
    • Territory_Insights_Default_vod
    • Territory_Feedback_vod
    • Full_Speaker_Profile_vod

    • Full_Speaker_Profile_Default_vod

    • External_Id_vod
    • Failure_Msg_vod
    • Object_RecordType_vod*
    • Object_RecordType_Id_vod*
    • Platform_vod
    • Profile_vod*
    • Profile_Name_vod*
    • Phone_vod
    • Published_Date_vod
    • Sharing_Group_vod
    • Status_vod
    • Studio_Id_vod
    • Studio_Version_vod


    * To manage visibility to MyInsights pages using profile names and object record types, ensure Managing Visibility to MyInsights Content is configured.

  2. Select the View Setup and Configuration check box in the Administrative Permissions section for deployment user profiles.

Deploying MyInsights Studio Pages

When a page is ready to be tested or used in CRM, users can deploy it from the Deploy tab in the edit page. To navigate from the home page to the Deploy tab, select Deploy from the Actions menu in the home page.

To deploy a page:

  1. Select the Deploy tab for the page you want to deploy.

  2. Select the Deploy Version.

  3. Select New.

  4. Update the Report Name. This step is optional. The default value is the Page Name entered when the page was created.

  5. Select a different Record Type ID. This step is optional. The default value is a record type the user has permission for within the Page Type selected when the page was created.

  6. Select Deploy.

    If Lightning_vod is a selected platform for the deployment, the page is automatically published online. Users do not need to select the Publish button on the HTML_Report_vod record in CRM.

  7. Select Save.

To make changes to a deployed page:

  1. Select the Deploy tab.

  2. Select the Deploy Version.

  3. Select Update from the Action menu.

  4. Update the available fields as desired:
    • Report Name
    • Record Type ID
    • Object Record Type
    • Platform
    • Phone
    • External Id - automatically populated when a deployment is created but can be updated
    • Visibility Criteria - optional, controls visibility to specific accounts for the Account page type
    • Sharing Group - optional, drives customer-specific sharing rules
  5. Select Deploy.

Redeploying a page from MyInsights Studio updates the appropriate HTML_Report_vod and Attachment records for the org.