About the 19R2 Release

This topic provides information about the Veeva CRM 19R2 release, including important dates, webinar information, and release announcements.

All dates listed are subject to change.

Dates to Remember

  • July 10 – Release communication, including a link to the release notes
  • July 19 – Sandbox release
  • July 30 – Second Sandbox release
  • August 6 – Final Sandbox release
  • August 12 – Major Release to all orgs

Preview Webinars (updated August 16, 2019)

NA Webinars

Product Date Time Link


18 July 2019

11 a.m. PST



15 August 2019

10 a.m. PST


EU Webinars

Product Date Time Link


24 July 2019

11 a.m. CET



21 August 2019

11 a.m. CET



Veeva CRM Mobile Platform Deprecation

Salesforce requires all customers to migrate to their new Territory Management 2.0 model by June 2020. Because of incompatibility with this new model, the following platforms will no longer be supported once Territory Management 2.0 is enabled:

  • Veeva CRM Tablet Edition
  • Veeva CRM on Windows 8
  • Veeva CRM on Windows 10 builds prior to 16299 (Fall Creators Update, version 1709)

iOS Support

The Veeva CRM 19R2 release requires iOS 11 or later.

FTP Connection Changes

To align with industry best practices for security and data integrity, Veeva CRM requires TLS 1.2 for all FTP connections beginning with the 19R2 release, scheduled for August 2019. Incoming FTP connections using TLS 1.1 or earlier will not be accepted.

Customers must perform the following steps to the Veeva CRM 19R2 release to prevent any disruptions to FTP activity for CLM, MyInsights Fixed Reports (Sales Data), or Nitro.

  1. Follow the instructions provided by the FTP client to configure the client to use use explicit TLS. This process should be done for users who manually upload files using an FTP client. For example, customers using Filezilla as their client should select Required explicit FTP over TLS from the Encryption drop down list, or administrators can add the ftpes:// prefix to the host location (ftpes://vf13.vod309.com).
  2. Ensure TLS 1.2 encryption protocols are enabled for any integrations using FTP.

TLS 1.2 is supported with the existing FTP infrastructure. We recommend not waiting until the Veeva CRM 19R2 release to implement these changes.

Salesforce recently announced their TLS 1.2 requirement beginning in September 2019. Please read this Salesforce knowledge article for more information.

Minor Release Schedule

Release Sandbox upgrade Production Upgrade


August 27, 2019

August 30, 2019


September 17, 2019

September 20, 2019

What's New in 19R2

The CRM 19R2 release includes several new features as well as User Visible and Behavior Changes.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name. You can also find a quick overview of 19R2 Feature Enablement and Availability information in this release note.

New Fields, New Objects, and Validation Impacting Defect Fixes are also included.




Autosync ensures data created by CRM users is quickly synced from offline devices to the online server so critical information is immediately available to drive decisions made through reporting and analytics. Autosync improves the CRM experience for field users, Sales Ops, and IT teams, and reduces the risk of data loss to your organization in case the mobile device is stolen or the user leaves the organization without returning the device.


Saving Passwords to iOS Keychain

iPad and iPhone users can save their Veeva CRM username and password using iOS Keychain for quicker access when signing in. This simplifies the sign in process and reduces the number of instances where users enter invalid credentials and lock themselves out of their orgs.


Working with Multiple SWOT and Goal Records

Users working with account plans can create multiple SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis and Goal records for account plans. This allows multiple teams to easily contribute to a single Account Plan for an account and also provides flexibility for each team to have their own SWOT analysis and goals. These records can also be used to differentiate SWOTS and Goals by product, compound, or therapeutic area, based on the products associated with the account.

Order Management

Selecting Wholesaler Best Pricing/List Price

List prices are different for each product and each wholesaler. To ensure users are providing accounts with the lowest price for a product when capturing an order, CRM displays a list of wholesalers associated to the account who can fulfill the order with the best price for the product.


Supporting Child Accounts in Surveys

To enable customers to survey child accounts, surveys now supports targeting a child account, which is a person at a particular location. When survey designers create a survey, they can select Child Accounts as the target type, indicating the survey should be completed only against child accounts.

Events Management

Child Accounts in Events Management

Administrators can configure Events Management to support Child Accounts as event attendees. This allows event organizers to properly track HCP behavior in orgs using Child Accounts.


Event Layout Rules Caching

Administrators can configure Events Management to cache generated page layouts. This improves performance when a user loads an event as the page layout does not need to be retrieved from the SFDC database.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Creating Enhanced Package Connections

Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses installed packages to connect with CRM and allow sales and marketing users to view Salesforce Marketing Cloud data in CRM.


Supported CLM Library Functions in Engage Meeting Online

Several CLM Library functions can be used in presentations hosted in Engage meeting from CRM Online. This provides flexibility when designing new presentations and also enables reusing existing presentations previously designed with these functions.


Finding Presentations Navigation

iPad users can now select the Find Presentation button in CLM to launch the regular media library and navigate to a new presentation.


Presentation Labels

Windows 10 users can now create and add labels to their CLM presentations.


Setting the Default MyInsights Landing Screen for Veeva CRM

Administrators can set the default landing page of Veeva CRM to display a MyInsights visualization by defining the default tab in the Sunrise bar. This allows users to quickly plan relevant activities based on up-to-date information in the visualization.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features require some configuration, however users are able to view the following changes immediately:


  • iPad and iPhone: Veeva CRM now respects Salesforce additional field defaulting. The supported field types include the following: 
  • boolean
  • currency
  • number
  • percent
  • text
  • textarea
  • email
  • url
  • date
  • datetime
  • picklists
  • iPad and Windows: The currency code now displays alongside the currency name
  • iPhone: The mobileID_vod field now uses a tilde instead of a dash (added 07/16/19)

Account Management

  • iPad: All multi-column tables now use the new truncation icon: 
  • iPad: Clinical trial stakeholder records now display in the Account Timeline (updated 07/29/19)


  • iPad and iPhone: When a user initially signs into Veeva CRM after the application is upgraded to 19R2, the system displays a popup indicating the application is being updated. During this time, the device database is updated to work with Autosync. Users should not put the application in the background or exit the application during the update.
  • iPad: The number of pending transactions no longer displays on the Home Page
  • iPad: Because Autosync assumes all records are synced immediately, users can no longer delete unsynced records
  • iPad and iPhone: Veeva CRM now respects Salesforce field defaulting on the iPad and iPhone platforms

Call Sampling

  • iPad: When selecting a sample lot on the Sample Selector screen, the background of the selected lot is now light blue. The light blue background makes text easier to read.

Call Reporting

  • Online: Call objective custom lookups no longer display as read only when recording a call
  • iPad: Signature_on_Sync_vod is no longer supported. Because Autosync assumes all records are synced immediately, when sample limits are configured and samples are selected on the call, users cannot clear a signature.

Call Scheduling

  • iPad: A back button was added to the Apply Call Cycles popover, allowing users to navigate back to the main Call Cycles menu


  • iPad: The highlighter pen, laser pointer, CLM control icons, and sub-presentation icon on CLM presentation thumbnails are now aligned with the Sunrise design
  • iPad: The slide selector has a blur effect
  • iPad: The X icon that removes a slide in Manage My Presentations is replaced with a dash (-) icon
  • iPad: Thumbnails for CLM presentations with sub-presentations of required slides now have a stacked effect
  • All Platforms: The Event_Content_vod field on the CLM_Presentation_vod object was removed

Consent Capture

  • The Channel_Value_vod field on the Multichannel_Consent_vod object now has a maximum length of 255 (added 10/07/19)

Events Management

  • Online: Inactive addresses no longer display in the Attendee Hub screen's advanced search

Order Management

  • Windows: Users can now enter quantities directly for each product and add it to the Order Line.
  • Windows: Users can now select multiple products and add them to the Order Line. This feature replaces Mass Add for Windows Tablet users.
  • Windows: Users can now filter search results for Order Lines as well as for the Product Selector.


  • iPad and iPhone: When creating a survey target in a child account enabled org, the user must select either an account or child account before available surveys display on the Account Page related list or the Call Report
  • iPad and iPhone: In child account enabled orgs, the address no longer displays in the Survey Target creation wizard from the Survey Target home page
  • iPad: The Survey Target home page now provides filtering capabilities
  • iPad and iPhone: In child account enabled orgs, users can search for Survey Targets on the Survey Target home page using Furigana
  • iPad and iPhone: The titles of the Survey Target creation wizard screens on the iPad and iPhone platforms now provide guidance on what the user should do in that step. For example, Select Account.
  • Online: The button labeled Search on the call report, which is used to create a Survey Target, is now labeled Create.
  • Online: When a survey designer edits a survey question, answer choice fields dynamically resize to fit the text
  • Online: When previewing questions from the Question Bank modal on the Survey Management screen as a Survey designer, answer choice options wrap to display the entire string
  • Online: Survey designers can now add up to 20 survey answer choices for picklist and radio question types in the Answer_Choice_vod field on the Question_vod, Question_Response_vod, and Survey_Question_vod objects and the Response_vod field on the Question_Response_vod object (updated 10/07/19)
  • Online: Survey designers can create picklist, multiselect, and radio options with up to 200 characters in the Answer_Choice_vod field on the Question_vod, Question_Response_vod, and Survey_Question_vod objects and the Response_vod field on the Question_Response_vod object, allowing more detailed answers (updated 10/07/19)

19R2 Feature Enablement and Availability

New functionality introduced in the Veeva CRM 19R2 Release is available on the following platforms:

Feature Configuration
Online iPad iPhone Windows
Child Accounts in Events Management

Creating Enhanced Package Connections

Event Layout Rules Caching
Saving Passwords to iOS Keychain
Selecting Wholesaler Best Pricing/List Price
Setting the Default MyInsights Landing Screen for Veeva CRM
Supporting Child Accounts in Surveys
Working with Multiple SWOT and Goal Records

New Objects

The list below contains all new objects added in Veeva CRM 19R2.



Master Object


Goal_vod Goal Account_Plan_vod Stores goals for account plans
SWOT_vod SWOT Account_Plan_vod Stores SWOT analysis for account plans

New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva CRM 19R2. The fields are organized by object. Visibility to all fields is disabled by default to all users except administrators. See the Veeva Data Model information for a full listing of Veeva fields.


Field Name

Field Label

Field Description



Child_Event_Rule_Config_vod External_ID_vod External ID   Text  
EM_Attendee_vod Child_Account_vod Child Account Lookup to the child account for the attendee Lookup  
Medical_Event_vod Webinar_Status_vod Webinar Status Stores the webinar status of the related Events Management Event Formula


Medical_Inquiry_vod MedComms_Record_ID_vod MedComms Record ID   Text  



Response Document Link

Response Document Link for Vault MedComms Medical Inquiries



Medical_Inquiry_vod Response_Notes_vod Response Notes Response Notes for Vault MedComms Medical Inquiries Long Text Area


Order_vod zvod_Best_Wholesaler_Pricing_vod zvod Best Wholesaler Pricing Enables Best Wholesaler Pricing for Line Delivery Splitting Checkbox


Survey_Target_vod Child_Account_vod Child Account This field is used to associate a Child Account to the survey target record for surveys that target Child Accounts. Lookup


Survey_Target_vod Location_Entity_Reference_Id_vod Location Entity Reference Id   Text


Survey_Target_vod Location_vod Location This field is used to associate a business account to the survey target record for surveys that target child accounts. Lookup  
Survey_Target_vod Target_Type_vod Target Type Indicates if a survey will target accounts or child accounts. Picklist  
Survey_vod Target_Type_vod Target Type Indicates if a survey will target accounts or child accounts. Picklist  

Validation Impacting Defect Fixes

Platform Key Summary Component
iPad CRM-165730 Sample limits were not enforced when the Swap Signee feature is used Sample Limits


CRM-167116 An error occurred when submitting a parent call when a child call did not have a signature Call Reporting
Call Sampling
iPad CRM-169593 HCP license information did not display when the HCP had multiple associated addresses Call Sampling


CRM-171598 When submitting a call without attendees, an error occurred Call Sampling
Online CRM-172374 An error occurred where the incorrect status value displayed Medical Inquiries


CRM-172383 Sample Limit Templates were not enforced when initially created Sample Limits
Online CRM-172518 The Ship To Address displayed as the Ship To Location when a user selected the Printable View link Call Sampling


CRM-173527 The text for the Lot ID was black instead of white Call Sampling
iPad CRM-173588 Samples displayed in an inconsistent order Call Sampling

Browser (Classic)

CRM-174395 An error occurred when editing an MIFR related to a deleted call Medical Inquiries
iPad CRM-176147 An error occurred when uploading an Acknowledgment of Content record Sync

Browser (Classic)

CRM-176716 Cloned sample transactions did not require fields marked as required on the page layout Sample Mgmt

19R2 Known Issues

Approved Email

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


IE11 users cannot upload more than one image to BEE Editor in the same email edit session.



Platform Issue Description Issue Number


Access IDs for OAuth users are not refreshed after the allotted time has passed. 


Call Reporting

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


When users submit calls in French containing expenses, an error occurs.


Windows Tablet

The DUPLICATE_CHILD_ACCOUNT message displays the full child account name instead of the person name.


Call Sampling

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad Submitted calls display in edit mode after a few seconds. CRM-177079


Users can swap signees on an Ohio TDDD record when the original signee does not have a valid DEA license.



The number of accounts does not match in My Schedule and My Accounts once a user selects the Account view from the Accounts List popover. 


Browser (Classic)

The expected error message does not display based on the value in the Sample State setting.



Platform Issue Description Issue Number


An incorrect error message displays when a user who does not have the appropriate privileges attempts to sign in to an org. 



Certain slides do not render immediately, and a blank screen displays for several seconds before the slide displays.



In WKWebView, PDF slides displayed blurry for several seconds on some iOS versions.


iPad When in WKWebView, slides do not display correctly. CRM-179572
iPad Highlighter notes display after a user navigates to a different slide using the Find My Presentation feature. CRM-180292

Browser (Classic)

Errors display when a user with Modify All Data permission pushed content to the Content folder.



When multiple users are synced to the same device, labels an admin created for one user display for other users.


Coaching Reports

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online Question_Response_vod records created for Advanced Coaching Reports have a record type of CRM_vod instead of CRM_Coaching_vod. CRM-179222


Platform Issue Description Issue Number


When a user began an Engage meeting, a green border displayed around part of the screen.


Browser (Classic)

When a user reschedules a call containing Engage warning messages, the messages no longer display.


Events Management

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


When a user creates a child event, an error occurs.


Browser (Classic)

When generating an event invitation, an error occurs if the preview image does not generate successfully when the template is initially uploaded.


Browser (Classic)

Users cannot download sync history from the Concur Real-Time Administration screen using IE or Firefox. 


Browser (Classic)

Attendee rollup status does not update with information for all attendees. 


Medical Inquiries

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


When a user selects Cancel on a Medical Inquiry after obtaining a signature, the Medical Inquiry is not created.



After a user creates a Medical Inquiry Fulfillment record, the record does not display in the MIF tab, and the number of records does not increase.


iPad Disclaimers do not display on the Signature page for users who have proper permissions to the Signature Page object. CRM-179459
Windows Required field validation is not executed for delivery method fields when a user saves or submits a call containing a Medical Inquiry Fulfillment record. CRM-179917

Network Integration

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


When the Drug Schedule Details or Expiration Date field value is incorrect, an incorrect error message displays.  



The Edit Address button does not display on the Account Detail screen.



When a user does not have permission to the Child Account object, the Edit Child Account DCR button does not display on the Child Account Detail screen.


Browser (Classic)

During the Create Unverified process, newly created alignment records are delayed, preventing the account from displaying until a user performs a manual sync.


Order Management

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


An order’s SFID does not display until the user performs an incremental sync.


Sample Management

Platform Issue Description Issue Number


The sorting selection is not respected in a sample inventories order.