Setting the Default MyInsights Landing Screen for Veeva CRM

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By default, when a user signs in to Veeva CRM, the home page displays the company logo and actionable components. However, these components may not contain the most relevant information for all end users.

To allow users to view customized territory-level information immediately after signing in to CRM, developers can create custom MyInsights content to display information tailored to end users, for example, product formulary updates, marketing activities, changes in product metrics, recent clinical trials, and more. Admins can then set this MyInsights content as the default home landing screen, so when a user signs into CRM, the MyInsights content displays instead of the home page. Users can still view the home page by selecting the Classic tab.

For example, Verteo BioPharma wants users to view product formulary updates and recent clinical events immediately after signing into CRM, so the admin sets the default landing screen to a MyInsights territory page template for all users. Sarah Jones signs into Veeva CRM and views the recent clinical trials in her territory to plan her daily activities.

Setting the Default Landing Screen

To set the default landing screen to MyInsights content, create an HTML_Report_vod record with the Territory_Insights_Default_vod record type. See Creating MyInsights Content for more information. To use Veeva’s out-of-the-box territory page, see Using the Veeva-Provided Custom MyInsights Territory Insights Pagefor more information.

There can only be one default MyInsights landing screen tab per user profile assignment on the Profile_vod field of an HTML Report record. Admins can enable different default landing screens to display for different user profile assignments. If more than one default landing screen is available to the user for the Territory_Insights_Default_vod record type, only one displays as the home page and any others are displayed as additional MyInsights tabs. See Managing Visibility to MyInsights Content for more information.