Saving Passwords to iOS Keychain

  • iPad

Users can save their Veeva CRM username and password using iOS Keychain for quicker access when signing in. This simplifies the sign in process and reduces the number of instances where users enter invalid credentials and lock themselves out of their orgs.

For example, Sarah Jones plans her work week. She launches Veeva CRM on her iPad and is prompted to sign in. Sarah’s CRM credentials are saved in Keychain so when she selects the username field, her username displays in the QuickType keyboard. She selects her username, authenticates her access to Keychain through Touch/Face ID, and then selects Sign In.


To use this feature, devices must have iOS 12 or newer.

Code Signing the Application

The Veeva CRM app must be code signed before using Keychain.

To code sign the app:

  1. Sign into Apple Developer.
  2. Select Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles > Identifiers.
  3. Select the appropriate identifier for Veeva.
  4. Select the Associated Domains check box for the Bundle ID of your Veeva CRM app.

  5. Select Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles > Profiles.
  6. Select the provisioning profile for the Veeva CRM app.
  7. Select the Regenerate button.
  8. Download the regenerated provisioning profile.
  9. Ensure your Entitlements file includes the following code:

  10. Code sign using the regenerated provisioning profile and the modified Entitlements file.

Customers can authorize Veeva to code sign the app by sending the regenerated provisioning profile to Veeva Support via a support ticket.

If you previously enabled Associated Domains for the Veeva CRM app, you only need to ensure Veeva has the latest provisioning profile for your app.

Enabling Saved Passwords

To enable Keychain on an iOS device:

  1. Select the Settings menu.
  2. Select Passwords.

  3. Select Password Options.

  4. Enable the AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys toggle.
  5. Select Touch ID & Passcode (or Face ID & Passcode).
  6. Authenticate.
  7. Enable the Password AutoFill toggle.

If iCloud Keychain is enabled, all saved credentials are accessible from other devices using the same iCloud account.

Using the Keychain

Signing into CRM for the First Time

After enabling the Keychain and successfully signing in to Veeva CRM for the first time, a popup displays with a message to save the password. Select Save Password to save the credentials in Keychain.

Multiple Credentials

If the credentials for Veeva CRM are stored in Keychain, select the username field to display the saved usernames in the QuickType bar. If more than two sets of saved credentials are available for Veeva CRM, select the key icon in the QuickType bar to view a list of all saved credentials. Select the desired credentials, authenticate access to Keychain via Touch or Face ID, and select Sign In.

New Credentials

To sign into Veeva CRM with new credentials, ignore the displayed usernames in the QuickType bar and manually sign into the app.

Changing Passwords

If signing in for the first time after resetting or changing a password online, users must first sign in with the old password. A popup displays to enter the new password for the username. After the new password is confirmed, a message displays to either save or update the credentials in Keychain, depending on whether the old credentials were saved.