Mobile Device Setup Overview

Veeva CRM is available for iPads and iPhones. This enables users to perform all of their actions on a portable, offline device that syncs information to and from the offline platform.


  • Types of Sync
  • Autosync – Sends all mobile-created data to the online server as soon as the data is created
  • Incremental Sync – Sends all mobile-created data that was not synced via Autosynced due to connectivity issues, then downloads all new data and configuration changes from the online server
  • Database Refresh – Re-syncs all online data and configuration with the mobile database. It is the equivalent of downloading a new database.
  • Syncing Offline Data
  • Using VMobile Object Configurations – VMobile Object Configurations (VMOCs) control what objects and records are synced to offline platforms
  • Using the Sync Widget – The Sync widget on offline devices provides users information about sync, including whether a sync is underway, the number of pending uploads, and any sync errors
  • Sync Activity and Errors
  • Tracking Sync Activity – Users can view sync metrics using created Sync_Tracking_vod records
  • Handling Sync Errors – Sync errors prevent users from syncing their devices to the Browser platform and can occur in a variety of ways. When encountering a sync error, it is important to identify the cause and make the appropriate correction.

The Delete button is not supported for custom offline objects.

Platform Specific Functionality and Configuration

Common Mobile Device Tasks