Using Incremental Sync

  • iPad
  • iPhone

Incremental Sync is a sync type manually initiated by the user. It sends all data from the mobile device to the Browser platform, as well as receive all data and configuration changes from the Browser platform. Users can track sync progress in the Progress Window. The sync widget on the home page displays the time of the last successful incremental sync.

Users can perform an incremental sync by selecting the Sync button in the upper left corner of the Home page or the Sync button on the sync widget. A warning displays to the user if a network connection is not detected or if any errors occur during sync.

The following data sets require incremental sync:

  • All data changes made from online, including the following:
  • Integrations/Territory Alignments
  • Metadata changes
  • Veeva CLM and Approved Email content
  • Veeva CRM MyInsights Sales Data and Nitro Data
  • Data changes made by other users

Admins can configure various sync settings to ensure users sync regularly and efficiently. See Managing Sync Settings for more information.