Using the Sync Widget

  • iPad
  • iPhone

This widget provides information to users about sync, including the following:

  • Whether sync is actively underway
  • The number of pending uploads. After a successful sync, this number is zero. This number does not include Orders.
  • Sync error notifications
  • The number of days since the most recent completed sync, based on the user's locale

The Sync Widget has a number of different states, each of which indicates the status of the sync.

Status Description Display

Sync is up to date

Green circle with check 

Sync is active

Orange circle with spinning arrows

Displays progress of records being uploaded or downloaded

Pending data needs to be synced

Orange circle with arrow OR

Red circle with arrow (indicates how far past the days configured in the SYNC_WARN_INTERVAL Veeva Setting)

Displays message for pending uploads

Sync errors

Red circle with exclamation point

Can select the exclamation point to access the list of sync errors and take action. See Handling Sync Errors for more information.

Other actions include updating the password if it expired

The date and time displayed indicates the last time an incremental sync was successful.

Users can also manually trigger sync from the widget by selecting the Sync button.