Default Functionality for Call Reporting

The following functionality is automatically available to users after initially configuring call reporting functionality:

Scheduling and Planning a Call

  • Call Reporting Entry Points - There are multiple entry points for call reporting. Some of these entry points are enabled by default, while others require additional configuration.
  • Call Categories - Users can create call reports for individuals, groups, and medical events
  • Scheduling Calls - Users can schedule calls in several different ways

Executing a Call

  • Populating the Call Header - The fields in the call header enable users to capture basic information about the call territory, account, date, and time
  • Capturing Call Activities - Users can capture essential information about their activities during a call, including the method of communication, any attendees aside from the primary account, the products detailed, and conversations with HCPs
  • Adding Post Call Information - After a call, users can record additional information related to the call or launch into other Veeva CRM activities from the call report
  • Saving a Call Report - When a call report is saved, most of the information on the call remains editable. However, the Call Location and the Business Account are stamped on the call report on save.

Submitting a Call