Sampling with Specific Regulatory Requirements

With additional configuration, Call Sampling supports the following processes and regulatory requirements:

  • Controlled Substance Sampling - Sampling for controlled substances is supported with additional license types, license validation, and sample state credential records
  • Capturing a One-Time Sample Drop - If new person accounts meet certain requirements, users can sample to them before their account license information is verified
  • Sampling with Mid-level Practitioners - With additional configuration of Call Sampling and collaborative relationship records, users can distribute samples to HCPs in states where a collaborative relationship between a mid-level practitioner and a supervising physician is required
  • Sampling without License Restrictions - State and license validation can be disabled to support non-US and non-regulated sampling—for example, sampling over-the-counter products
  • Sampling Non-PDMA Regulated Products - Users can sample non-PDMA regulated products without collecting a sample card ID or a signature from the sample recipient
  • Cold Chain Sampling - Users can track Tag Alert numbers for refrigerated samples (cold chain samples), supporting the additional care required