Managing Approved Email Content

Once Approved Email content is written and uploaded to Vault, content admins in both Vault and CRM can perform the following tasks to manage content:

Testing Approved Email Content

Assigning Approved Email Content

Restricting Approved Email Content

  • Filtering Approved Email Fragments – Content admins can enable additional filters when selecting a fragment to add to an Approved Email, enabling end users to more easily find and select content
  • Setting Consent at the Email Template Level – Content admins can control whether consent needs to be checked when using specific templates
  • Restricted Words in Approved Email – Content admins can specify a list of words that, if entered, prevent end users from sending the email
  • Restricting Email Fragments – This link leads to the Vault Online Help. Content admins in Vault can restrict fragments added to a template based on the template's stated product or by a defined relationship between the template and the fragment.