Setting Consent at the Email Template Level

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Content admins can control whether consent needs to be checked when using specific Approved Email Templates. This provides greater control when determining when consent is checked.

For example, Sarah Jones organizes an Engage meeting with Dr. Clinton Ackerman and sends an Approved Email with information regarding the meeting. The administrator configures the email template Sarah uses to always check for consent. Sarah has not captured consent from Dr. Ackerman, so she is blocked from sending this email and is prompted to capture consent from Dr. Ackerman before sending the email.

Defining Consent for Email Templates

To set consent check requirements for an email template in Vault:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate email_template__v record.
  2. Populate the Check Consent picklist with the appropriate value:

    The Check Consent picklist is empty at initial configuration. When this picklist is empty, it behaves as if Default value is selected.

    • Yes – The template always checks for consent regardless of the entry point
    • No – The template never checks for consent regardless of the entry point. If the template is sent to an account with an Approved_Email_Opt_Type_vod field of Never, the template still does not check for consent.
    • Default – The template checks for consent based on the behavior of the relevant Approved Email entry point

    The following entry points do not check for consent when Default is selected:

    • Engage
    • Medical Inquiries
    • Case
    • Receipts
    • Double Opt-in
  3. Select Save.
  4. Sync with Veeva CRM.

Receipts and Double Opt-In emails always send without checking for consent, regardless of the value of the Check_Consent_vod field.

Setting the Check Consent picklist to Yes means the system checks if consent is required to send the email. It does not mean consent is needed to send the email. For example, if a template with the Check Consent picklist set to Yes is sent to an account whose Consent Type is Opt-in Not Required, the email can be sent even though consent was not captured.

Do not edit the Consent_Check_vod field in Veeva CRM as any changes are overridden when the next sync occurs.