Aligning Approved Email Content to Users

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Customers may use a large variety of content when using Approved Email. To assist end users in selecting the appropriate content when composing Approved Emails, content admins can implement layers of control to refine the content that displays as available.

The following methods can be used independently and in conjunction with one another to provide a nuanced and compliant method to align and restrict Approved Email content:

  • The Status_vod field on the Approved_Document_vod object
  • End users can only access Approved Documents where Status_vod is Approved_vod
  • Content admins can only access Approved Documents where Status_vod is either Approved_vod or Staged_vod
  • The My_Setup_Products_vod object – End users and content admins can only access content that is aligned to a Detail Product or Topic that the user can access via My Setup Products
  • Sharing Rules – Custom sharing rules can be setup on the Approved_Document_vod object. The Territory_vod field on the Approved_Document_vod object can be used as the basis for sharing rules in CRM by populating the corresponding field in Vault.
  • Restricted Products and Allowed Products – Approved Email respects both Allowed and restricted Products, ensuring end users cannot send emails containing content about restricted products
  • VMOCs – The WHERE clause of VMOC for the Approved_Document_vod object can be customized to filter which Approved_Document_vod records sync down to offline devices

Example: Status and Product Groups

For example, the following templates exist in an org:

  • Template A
  • Status: Approved
  • Product Group: Cholecap
  • Template B
  • Status: Staged
  • Product Group: Cholecap
  • Template C
  • Status: Approved
  • Product Group: Labrinone

Sarah Jones is an Approved Email end user with access to Cholecap in My Setup. When Sarah Jones sends an Approved Email to Dr. Ackerman, only Template A displays as available for selection since Template B has a status of Staged and Template C is for Labrinone, which Sarah does not have access to.