Populating the Call Header

The fields in the call header enable users to capture basic information about the call territory, account, and location. The options for capturing the call location and call date can be customized as business needs and regulations require.

  • Standard Metrics Call Channel - As part of Veeva CRM Standard Metrics, users are required to select a call channel on each call report for improved data and insights, better benchmarking ability, and access to downstream innovations
  • Selecting the Call Report Record Type - Users can select from multiple record types in order to meet the various business needs of different organizations and user roles
  • Selecting the Call Location - Users can select a call location. Users can also be required to select a call location, and call location default values can be set based on the account’s TSF record.
  • Capturing GPS Coordinates on the Call Report - The Check-In button enables users to stamp GPS coordinates on the call report for the location where check-in was performed. In addition, GPS coordinates can be stamped on the call report when the call is submitted, a signature is captured, or CLM is shown.
  • Requiring Users to Select a Call Address - The Address field on the call report can default to None, forcing users to manually select an address
  • Call Address Dependency - When a user selects a business account as the call location on the call report, the call address picklist can be automatically filtered to only include addresses controlled by that business account
  • Maintaining Separate Call and Signature Datetimes - Maintaining separate call and signature datetimes helps users to meet specific reporting requirements, collect detailed information for future call planning, or accurately record calls with a long duration
  • Capturing the Call Date Only - The call report can be configured to capture the call date if local regulations require users to record only the call date, and not the datetime