Standard Metrics Call Channel

As part of Veeva CRM Standard Metrics, the standard Call Channel field provides customers with improved data and insights, better benchmarking ability, and access to downstream innovations. The standard metrics Call_Channel_vod field is mandatory and exposed on every call report.

Admins can choose one of two main methods for populating the call channel: manual selection, or auto-populating the call channel based on other fields.

  • Selecting a Call Channel - By default, users are required to manually select a call channel for each call report they create.
  • Restricting Call Channels - When users manually select the call channel, admins can disable unapproved call channels (Email, Chat or Text, Other) from the Standard Metrics Call Channel picklist
  • Auto-Populating the Call Channel - To avoid disrupting user workflows or downstream systems, admins can configure the Standard Metrics Call Channel field to auto-populate based on existing custom fields