Requiring Users to Select a Call Address

  • Browser
  • iPad

Due to compliance reasons, the Address field on the call report can default to None, requiring users to select an address instead of the preferred or primary address displaying by default. This ensures users are using the correct address for the call. The Address field is still required for users to save or submit the call.

For example, Sarah Jones creates a call report for Dr. Ackerman. The address field defaults to None. Sarah must manually select Dr. Ackerman’s address from the two available address options, rather than leaving a default value for the address.

Configuration for Requiring Users to Select a Call Address

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable the Default_Call_Address_None_vod Veeva Setting.
  2. Ensure users have FLS edit permission to the Address_vod field on the Call2_vod object.


  • This setting bypasses any value currently defaulted for address via My Preferred Address or the primary address
  • This setting affects all new calls created from the following entry points:
    • Account
    • Call - Browser only
    • Call Objective
    • My Schedule
    • CLM
    • CLM with Save for Later
    • Medical Inquiry
    • Medical Event associated to an Account