Managing Scheduled Calls and Activities

To help users manage calls and activities in My Schedule, admins can enable additional call planning functionality:

  • Enabling Call Booking Support - Booking agents plan and assign calls for other users from the Calls tab, so users can focus fully on call execution
  • Sharing Calendars - To collaborate on call planning and scheduling, users overlay another user's calendar activities with their own activities in My Schedule
  • Viewing External Calendars in My Schedule - To avoid scheduling conflicts, users can view Apple calendars in My Schedule or integrate their Microsoft Outlook calendars with My Schedule
  • Associating Saved CLM Activity with Accounts - If tracked CLM activity is enabled, users can associate unassigned presentations with accounts in My Schedule
  • Displaying Events in My Schedule - Users can view events in My Schedule if they either own the event or are listed as an attendee
  • Displaying Events in My Schedule for Event Team Members - Users can view events where they are added as Event Team Members
  • Viewing Attendee Count and Details in My Schedule - To prepare for their upcoming calls, users can view call attendee count and attendee details from My Schedule
  • Routing in My Schedule - Calls and events are plotted along a daily route in My Schedule's Map View. The expected travel time between each plotted activity is calculated and displayed as a timestamp on the route, so users can see how long it should take to arrive at their destinations.