What's New in 20R3.3

The CRM 20R3.3 major release includes several new features as well as User Visible and Behavior Changes.

Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features. Configuration is available by selecting the feature name. You can also find a quick overview of 20R3.3 Feature Enablement and Availability information in this release note.

New Fields and New Objects are also included.


Approved Email

Setting Consent at the Email Template Level for Windows Tablet

Setting consent at the email template level is now available for Windows Tablet users. Content admins can control whether consent needs to be checked when using specific Approved Email Templates. This provides greater control when determining when consent is checked.

Approved Notes

Creating Country-Specific Approved Notes Rules

Approved Notes now allows creating rules by Country. The Country Code in Approved Notes enables greater flexibility when creating and maintaining a set of monitoring rules in multi-country orgs. Using the Country Code, Approved Notes admins can designate a monitoring rule for a certain country. This enables more detailed monitoring rules and reduces false-positive violations that reviewers must clear.

Medical Inquiries

Lightning for Medical Inquiry

Lightning for Medical Inquiry is available to users after March 11 by submitting a Veeva Support request. All customers will automatically have access in the 21R1.0 release in April. Lightning for Medical Inquiry provides the following benefits:

  • Improved user experience
  • Faster page loading
  • Improved List View with new charts
  • Salesforce files now supported

Order Management

OM Product Views

Order Management Product Views are now available on the iPad and Online platforms.

New Videos

The following videos were added as part of this release:

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features require some configuration, however users are able to view the following changes immediately.

Approved Notes

Engage Meeting

  • iPad: When hosts start an Engage meeting on the iPad for the first time after upgrading, a brief animation informs hosts how to resize the Video Ribbon. At the end of this animation, hosts can select Got It to permanently dismiss the animation.

20R3.3 Feature Enablement and Availability

New functionality introduced in the Veeva CRM 20R3.3 Release is available on the following platforms:

Feature Configuration Required iPad iPhone Online Windows
Creating Country-Specific Approved Notes Rules Yes

New Objects

No objects were added in Veeva CRM 20R3.3.

New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva CRM 20R3.3. The fields are organized by object. Visibility to all fields is disabled by default to all users except administrators. See the Veeva Data Model information for a full listing of Veeva fields.

ObjectField NameField LabelDescriptionType



External ID

External Id field used for data loading and integrating external systems.




Allow for Joining via Zoom 

Indicates that this meeting allows for participants to join via the native Zoom applications.




Zoom Join Token

Token for joining the meeting via the native Zoom applications.