CRM Desktop (Mac)

The Veeva CRM Desktop app is a dedicated and independent app enabling users to interact with HCPs whenever they need, online or offline. Users can launch CLM content from the app, including custom presentations, and share the content with HCPs during calls and Engage meetings, knowing all activity, including content previewing and Save for Later calls, is tracked. Any data created offline automatically syncs when the user connects to the internet.

For example, Sarah Jones is on the phone with Dr. Clinton Ackerman to discuss Cholecap and Dr. Ackerman asks about a recent clinical trial. Sarah has a publication in her media library related to the trial and wants to present it to Dr. Ackerman via Engage meeting. On the browser, Sarah creates a call report and selects Meet Now to quickly schedule and start an Engage meeting, initiating call mode in the Veeva CRM Desktop app. Once Dr. Ackerman joins the meeting, Sarah launches and shares the publication in Presentation View. The CLM activity is tracked on the call report.

In another example, Sarah has a face-to-face call with Dr. Ackerman at Newton Memorial Hospital and brings her laptop to display content. Though Sarah is unable to connect her laptop to the hospital’s internet, she can still navigate her media library and display content. Right before the call, Sarah creates a custom Cholecap presentation tailored to Dr. Ackerman’s concerns about clinical trials from their previous meeting. When she is ready to present, she launches the presentation in Presentation View, initiating Save for Later call mode, and navigates through the slides with Dr. Ackerman. Later, when Sarah reconnects to the internet, the custom presentation she created and the Save for Later activity tracked for the call automatically sync online, and Sarah can associate the Save for Later activity with a call report in the browser.

Users can test Veeva CRM Desktop features in the Engage Sandbox. See Supporting Engage and CRM Desktop Sandbox Releases for more information.

For more information about setting up the app and a list of supported functionality: