Supporting Engage Sandbox Releases

  • Browser (Classic)
  • Browser (Lightning)
  • iPad

Engage features are available in sandbox orgs before production releases to allow admins to test upcoming Engage functionality.

To use the new Engage Sandbox, create a support ticket with the list of CRM sandbox orgs to link to the Engage Sandbox. Admins can assign Engage licenses to test users once the sandbox org is linked to the Engage Sandbox and existing Engage groups are recreated.

Previously created meetings and groups are not available once the org is linked to the Engage sandbox. Existing Engage groups must be recreated.

When the org is linked to the Engage sandbox, existing Engage Meeting data is maintained. However, Engage Meeting Post-Processing errors may occur when processing data prior to linking the sandbox. Veeva recommends removing meeting data prior to linking the sandbox when using Engage Meeting Post Processing in the sandbox org.

Refreshing sandbox orgs relinks the org to Engage production. Production CRM orgs cannot be linked to the Engage sandbox.


  • Orgs and clients must upgrade to 221.3.200 or later in order to connect to the Engage sandbox

Using the Engage Sandbox

The Engage sandbox is compatible with all attendee apps, as well as the Engage Speaker App, without additional configuration or installation. Attendees joining Engage Meetings via an attendee link generated from an org linked to the Engage sandbox automatically have access to sandbox functionality. Sandbox links contain sbx as part of the URL.

If the App Store version of CRM is installed, users must use the TestFlight version of the application to test sandbox functionality.