Managing the Veeva CRM Desktop for Mac

Users can install the app, sign in, and manage app updates. Ensure software requirements are satisfied and all appropriate VMOCs are configured to use the app.

Installing the App

Users can download the app installer directly or perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the media library from a call report.
  2. Select download & run Veeva CRM Desktop.

  3. Launch the downloaded DMG file.
  4. Move the app to the Applications folder.

  5. Move the DMG file to the Trash after the app is installed.

Signing In

Users can launch the Veeva CRM Desktop app from the desktop icon and sign in with their Veeva CRM credentials. After signing in, the app remains running in the background and accessible from the app icon in the system tray even after ending a call or closing the window, and even if the user did not launch the app from a call. When the app window is closed, double-select the icon to reopen the app.

When using Engage meeting with Veeva CRM Desktop for Mac for the first time, users must grant screen recording permission. See Granting Screen Recording Permission for CRM Desktop (Mac) for more information.

When switching between users, perform the following best practices to avoid errors:

  • Sign out of the app and all Salesforce tabs in open browser windows
  • Use the same browser across all users
  • Ensure the user displayed on the authentication page matches the user whose credentials were used to sign in

Updating the App

The app checks for version updates every time it is launched, a user successfully signs in, and after every full sync. Full syncs occur:

  • When a user successfully signs in
  • Daily
  • When a user performs a manual sync
  • When updates to records for the following objects are detected online:
  • My_Setup_Product_vod
  • Product_Group_vod
  • Product_vod

App updates can be optional or required.

When users are not in a call or an event, an update alert displays when there is an app version update. If the app window is minimized or closed when there is an update, the window automatically reopens and displays in the foreground.

When users are in a call or an event, app update alerts for optional and required app updates do not display until the call or event ends.

If the update is optional, users can:

  • Initiate call mode or join a call to hide the alert until the call ends
  • Select Update Now to update the app immediately. The app quits and automatically relaunches after the update completes. Users do not need to sign in again. Any unsynced CLM tracking data is saved and syncs after the app relaunches.
  • Select Update Later to update the app at a later time. The Update Now button in the media library menu and tray icon menu becomes available. When users are ready to update the app, select Update from either menu.

If the app update is required, select Update Now to update the app immediately. The app quits and automatically relaunches after the update completes. Users do not need to sign in again. Any unsynced CLM tracking data is saved and syncs after the app relaunches.

Syncing Content Updates

The first time a user signs in to the app, a full sync occurs to sync all of the content in the media library. The app runs an incremental sync for every subsequent signin. An incremental sync updates records for the following objects:

  • Call2_Detail_vod – Metadata Only
  • Call2_Key_Message_vod – Metadata Only
  • Call2_vod – Metadata Only
  • Clm_Presentation_Slide_vod
  • Clm_Presentation_vod
  • Directory_vod
  • Key_Message_vod
  • Message_vod
  • Multichannel_Activity_Line_vod – Metadata Only
  • Multichannel_Activity_vod – Metadata Only
  • Multichannel_Consent_vod – Metadata Only
  • Multichannel_Settings_vod
  • My_Setup_Products_vod
  • Product_Group_vod
  • Product_vod
  • Veeva_Settings_vod
  • User

Incremental syncs are also triggered by updates to any of the following fields:




  • Display_Order_vod
  • Key_Message_vod
  • Sub_Presentation_vod


  • Description_vod
  • Detail_Group_vod
  • Directory_vod
  • End_Date_vod
  • Hidden_vod
  • Keywords_vod
  • Name
  • Presentation_Id_vod
  • Product_vod
  • Start_Date_vod
  • Status_vod
  • Total_slides_vod
  • Training_vod
  • Vault_External_Id_vod
  • Version_vod


  • CDN_Path_vod
  • CLM_ID_vod
  • Description_vod
  • Detail_Group_vod
  • Is_Shared_Resource_vod
  • Keywords_vod
  • Media_File_Name_vod
  • Media_File_CRC_vod
  • Product_vod
  • Segment_vod
  • Shared_Resource_vod
  • Slide_Version_vod
  • Vault_External_Id_vod
  • Vault_GUID_vod

The maximum frequency incremental syncs can be run is every five minutes. Users can override the five-minute waiting period by performing a manual full sync.