Setting the Default MyInsights KOL Profile

  • Browser (Classic)
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet

By default, when a user navigates to a stakeholder account in Veeva CRM, the Key Opinion Leader profile screen displays information about events, publications, and clinical trials. However, this information may not be the most relevant for all end users.

To allow users to view customized stakeholder information immediately after navigating to a stakeholder account, developers can create custom MyInsights content to display information tailored to end users, for example, medical events, clinical trials, and sent emails. Admins can then set this MyInsights content as the default KOL profile screen, so when a user navigates to a stakeholder account, the MyInsights content displays instead of the Key Opinion Leader profile screen. Users can still view the Key Opinion Leader profile screen by selecting the Classic tab.

There can only be one default KOL profile per account type. Admins can enable different default KOL profiles to display for different user profiles. See Managing Visibility to MyInsights Content for more information.

For example, Larry Lakes is an MSL preparing for a call with Bob Adams, a stakeholder account. He navigates to Bob Adams’ account and views a custom KOL profile screen to review the account’s recent events and publications before the call.

Setting the Default KOL Profile

To set the default KOL profile for offline users:

  1. Create an HTML_Report_vod record with the KOL_Profile_vod record type. See Creating MyInsights Records for more information. To use Veeva’s out-of-the-box KOL profile visualization, see Using the KOL Profile Visualization for more information.
  2. Enter a value of 1 for the DEFAULT_KOL_PROFILE_vod Veeva Setting to set the KOL Profile visualization as the default KOL landing page for mobile users. This overrides the DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_PROFILE_vod Veeva Setting.

To set the default KOL profile for online users, see Viewing MyInsights Content on Classic for more information.