Group Meeting Permissions

Meeting groups are used to control in-meeting functionality across groups. Admins can enable certain in-meeting functionality to multiple hosts at once using the Groups functionality in the Engage Meeting Administration tab. This enables more flexible configurations of Engage by assigning the appropriate functionality based on the needs of each group of users.

Group settings are automatically applied to all users in that group.

To enable Group Meeting Permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Engage Meetings Administration tab.
  2. Edit the appropriate group.
  3. Select the appropriate Group Meeting Permissions check boxes to enable or disable functionality:

    Group Permission


    Engage Virtual Events


    Enables the host and all attendees to chat during an Engage meeting, enabling communication without a microphone.

    Chat transcripts are not recorded.

    Private Chat

    Enables the option for the host and attendees to have private, one-to-one chats with anyone in the Engage meeting. Hosts can send private chats to attendees but if private chat is disabled, replies from attendees are public.

    Requires the Chat Group Permission.

    Hide Video Tile on Attendee's Share Screen

    When this setting is enabled, the video tile representing the active speaker does not display when a user is sharing content.

    Only supported using the Veeva Engage app in version 173.x.x and earlier. In version 181.x.x onward, this feature is replaced by the Video Ribbon.

    Allow Putting Attendees on Hold

    When the host puts an attendee on hold, a black screen displays informing them they are on hold.

    Only supported using the CRM Engage app.

    Enter/Exit Chime

    Enables an audible chime informing everyone in the meeting when someone joins or leaves the meeting.

    Start Meeting from CRM Online – Disable Desktop Sharing

    When this setting is enabled, Online hosts cannot share their desktops. See Disable Online Desktop Sharing for more information.

    Remote Meeting Start from CRM Online

    Online Hosting

    Require a password when scheduling new meetings

    Enables the Password-Protected Meetings feature.

    Engage Experience Ratings

    Enables Rating an Engage Experience.

    Cloud Recording Enables recording virtual events.

    Recording Disclaimer

    Prompts virtual event attendees to give permission to record the webinar. See Recording a Virtual Event for more information.

    Start Meeting from Online – Allow Attendees to Share

    Enables Attendee Screen Sharing in Engage meetings on CRM Desktop (Windows).

    Start Meeting from iPad – Allow Attendees to Share

    Enables Attendees Screen Sharing in Engage meetings on iPad.

    Allow Attendees to Share Enables Attendee Screen Sharing in virtual events.

    Start Meeting from CRM Online – Enable WebView2 (Supports video content)

    Enables WebView2 for CLM content, which allows hosts to share video and audio content.

    iPad CRM - Allow Sharing Screen Enables Host Screen Sharing on the iPad
  4. Select Save.