Allowing an Attendee to Share a Screen

  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)

Administrators can enable Engage Meetings hosts on the iPad to stop screen sharing. Once the host has stopped sharing their screen, other attendees in the meeting can share their screen, enabling a more collaborative meeting experience.

Each host platform has different requirements for enabling the host to stop sharing and allowing attendees to share. On the iPad, this functionality is controlled by a Group Permission. Online, this functionality is controlled by the host from meeting to meeting.

For example, Larry Lakes is an MSL who is hosting an Engage Meeting from his iPad with Jane Adams, a KOL. While in the Engage Meeting, Jane decides she wants to share a document she is currently viewing. Larry Lakes stops sharing his screen and Jane is able to share the document from her screen.

Enabling Attendee Screen Sharing for the iPad

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the Engage Meeting Administration tab.
  2. Edit Group Permissions.
  3. Select the Start Meeting from iPad – Allow Attendees to Share check box.
  4. Select Save.

This displays the Stop Share button in the iPad host’s Meeting Controls menu.

Enabling Attendee Screen Sharing for the CRM Engage App

Hosts using the CRM Engage Host App can stop sharing directly within the app. This gives them the flexibility to determine whether attendees should be allowed to share. A Group Permission is not required for this action. For each meeting, hosts can define whether or not other attendees can share.

During the Engage Meeting:

  1. Select the More Actions menu next to the Share button in the Meeting Controls menu.
  2. Select Advanced Sharing Options.

  3. Select All Participants in the Who can share? setting.

  4. Close the Advanced Sharing Options menu.

Sharing a Screen as an Attendee

Attendee Screen Sharing is available on the iOS, Android, and Windows HCP Apps. It is also available when using the Web Client from the following browsers:

  • Chrome – Version 72 or later
  • Firefox – Version 66 or later
  • Edge – Version 17 or later

For attendees to share their screen, the host must select the Stop Share button in the Meeting Controls Menu.

After the host selects this button, other attendees may share their screen by selecting their Share button. When an attendee begins screen sharing, the host sees the attendee’s screen share in full screen, with the Meeting Controls Bar and Video Ribbon as an overlay.

The host can minimize their view of the attendee’s shared screen by selecting the Minimize button. The minimized shared screen view then displays above the video ribbon.

The host can immediately share their screen again by selecting the Share button in the Meeting Controls Menu. This stops screen sharing by any attendee and initiates the host’s sharing again. This follows the existing Engage Meeting behavior where CLM content displays to attendees if the host is viewing the CLM slide in full-screen mode. Otherwise, the splash screen displays to the attendees.

If no one in the meeting is sharing their screen, the Active Speaker view displays for attendees.

Supported Content for Attendee Screen Sharing

Attendees of an Engage Meeting can share the following types of content based on the platform they used to join the meeting:

Content Type Web Client – Chrome Web Client – Firefox Web Client – Edge iOS Android Windows
Open Application Windows
Other Browser Tabs
Website URL
Portion of Screen
Connected Mobile Device
Content from Other Cameras
System Sound

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