Engage Connect Users and Roles

Engage Connect has several different types of users, each of them with unique roles and responsibilities:

  • Administrator
  • Groups CRM users together into Engage Connect Groups
  • Defines org-wide default and group level permissions
  • Creates and imports Company Configuration files
  • CRM User
  • Connects with HCPs via the Veeva Engage Connect app
  • Communicates with HCPs in the app via Chat
  • Shares contacts or approved content with HCPs in the app
  • Responds to sample requests from HCPs
  • HCP
  • Connects with CRM users via one of the Engage apps or the Engage Web Client
  • Communicates with CRM users in the app via Chat
  • Receives shared contacts or approved content from CRM users
  • Requests samples from CRM users in the app
  • Creates Meeting Requests with CRM users