Configuring Engage Connect

Functionality within Engage Connect can be enabled or disabled for groups of users depending on the assigned group. To configure Engage Connect groups:

  1. Grant admins FLS edit permission to the following fields on the User object:

    • Engage_Connect_Group_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Status_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod
  2. Grant admins access to the Engage_Connect_Admin_vod Visualforce page.
  3. Grant admins access to the Engage Connect Administration tab.
  4. Add the following fields to the appropriate User object page layout:

    • Engage_Connect_Group_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Status_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod

Defining Org-Wide Default Settings

Engage Connect group settings have an org-wide default that applies to all licensed Engage users unless they are assigned to a specific Engage Connect group with an overriding value. Once org-wide settings are enabled, HCPs can view the contact information of connected users, for example, their email address or phone number.

To set org-wide default:

  1. Navigate to the Organization Settings section of the Engage Connect Administration tab.
  2. Edit the appropriate Engage Connect Group Settings.

  3. Select Save.

Managing Engage Connect Groups

To create an Engage Connect group and add users to the group:

  1. Navigate to the Engage Connect Administration tab.
  2. Select Create New Group.
  3. Define the group name and all applicable Engage Connect group settings. The group settings for new Engage Connect groups are automatically populated according to the org-wide default settings. Edit the auto-populated values to override the defined org-wide default settings for the group.
  4. Select the appropriate Brands for the group.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Navigate to the appropriate User records.
  7. Populate the Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod field with the name of the appropriate Engage Group. The Engage_Connect_Group_Status_vod field indicates the status of the request.

    A user can only belong to one Engage Connect group. A user cannot be added to an Engage Connect group if their email address ends in .invalid.

Deactivating a user in CRM also deactivates the user’s Engage Connect account and removes them from the Engage Connect group in CRM.

Users in Engage Connect

When a user signs in to Engage Connect for the first time, a User record is created in Engage Connect with information automatically populated from the corresponding User record in CRM:

CRM User Field

Engage Connect Field


Updates Automatically

Editable by User in Engage Connect


First Name


Last Name





When changing the user’s group


Mobile Phone


User Type

If the user is in a group



When changing the user's group



If the user is in a group


CRM Rep Id



A simplified user profile, or digital business card, is automatically generated for the user. See Managing Digital Business Cards for more information.