User Interface Enhancements

The user interface enhancements listed below were added to improve user experience and consistency in Veeva CRM's user interface. Select the thumbnail to view a larger image.

212.2.100 (September 30, 2021)

Platform Enhancement Description Before After
iPad, iPhone

Home page widgets are updated with the following. The widget functionality is unchanged:

  • rounded fonts and heavier font weight
  • automatic text and symbol resizing
  • improved text and number truncation
  • gradient colors on gauge widgets
  • new animations for metric and gauge widgets
  • new card styling—lighter background color and compact spacing, padding, and sizing

Widgets expand to fill device viewports. In addition, status rings automatically resize to provide consistent spacing for 9.7 inch wide devices.

iPad, iPhone

New animations display for metric, sync, and gauge widgets.


iPad, iPhone

When users select the sync button, a syncing animation displays on the sync widget in the background.

iPhone To effectively use available space, home page widget sizes are increased for edge-to-edge display.

212.1.100 (August 26, 2021)

Platform Enhancement Description Before After
iPad, iPhone

Cards throughout the Veeva CRM iOS apps are updated with 16-pixel rounded edges for a consistent, modern look.

iPad, iPhone

The background color throughout Veeva CRM iOS apps is updated to Salt (hex no. FAFAFB), a lighter shade of gray.

iPad, iPhone

To provide additional confirmation when users select an action in Veeva CRM, the following page level notifications display with audio confirmation:

  • Saved record
  • Submitted record
  • Error

See Audio for Page Level Notifications for a video and more information.

211.0.100 (March 25, 2021)

Platform Enhancement Description

iPad, iPhone, Windows

Icons are updated with higher image resolution for Retina displays. Icon functionality remains the same. See iOS Icon Updates and Windows Icon Updates for the full comparison of updated icons.

iPad, iPhone, Windows

The Classic tab on the Sunrise bar is relabeled on the following pages:

  • Overview – Home page
  • List – My Accounts page
  • Detail – Account and Account Plan detail pages

Tab display varies depending on user platform and existing configuration.

iPad, iPhone

Updates to the Sunrise bar improve efficiency and navigation in the Veeva CRM application. See Sunrise Bar Enhancements for more information,

iPad, iPhone

A secondary navigation bar enables users to scroll from tab to tab within a Contracts, Inventory Monitoring, or Order Management record. The bar does not collapse, regardless of the number of tabs. See Secondary Navigation Barfor more information.