Customizing Call Sampling with Section Signals

To further customize the behavior of the Samples and Promotional Items section on the call report and enable additional Call Sampling functionality, use the following section signals:

Section Signal


--gp (Group Picklists)

Display samples and BRCs in drop-down boxes

--mas (Mass Add Samples)

Enables mass add for samples

--masp (Mass Sample and Promo Items)

Enables mass add for samples and promotional items

--nas (No Alternative Samples)

Alternative sample product records are not displayed

--nb (No BRC)

BRC/sample request product catalog records are not displayed

--nhvp (No High Value Promo Items)

High value promotional product records are not displayed

--no (No Other Products)

Reprints and custom items do not display on the call report

--np (No Promo Items)

Promotional items do not display on the call report

--npdma (Non-PDMA Sampling)

Enables non-PDMA sampling; validation criteria is not enforced for signature date or sample card numbers

--nslns (No Sample License No Signature)

Bypass sample license validation and signature requirement for sample disbursements

--nsl (No Sample License)

Bypass sample license validation for sample disbursements

--ns (No Samples)

Sample products do not display on the call report; users can only select BRC products or promotional items

--pg (Product Groups)

Displays samples and promotional items in collapsible groupings

--ra (Reset All)

Enables a button allowing the user to quickly clear all Sample and Promotional Item entries

--sbl (Ship to Business Location)

BRCs can be shipped to business locations, in addition to account addresses


Enables the signature button regardless of whether samples are selected

For information on which features are supported on the various Veeva CRM platforms, see the Call Sampling Platforms table.

Configuring Section Signals for Call Sampling

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To add a section signal to the Samples and Promotional Items section:

  1. Select the appropriate page layout on the Call2_vod object.
  2. Select the Properties icon for the section containing the zvod_Samples_vod field.
  3. Add the section signal at the end of the section label—for example, “Samples and Promotional Items --ns”.

    Multiple section signals can be added to one section header, one after another. When multiple section signals are added, the effects compound. For example, “Samples and Promotional Items --ns --np” suppresses both samples and promotional items from being displayed.

  4. Save the changes to the page layout.

The signals themselves do not display in the user interface. If translating the section header text, remember to include the appropriate section signals in the translation.

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